Thursday, September 1, 2016

And so does the Princess leave her Tower

Lately, I've wanted to label all of my posts as "what the..." 
This one is no exception to that rule. 

In late June, Charming said, drunk, naturally, these kinds of things shall not be discussed sober until it is Time, that if we live through his vacation, we should move in together. 
I reacted by asking him if he realizes just how many dresses I have. 

Well, we lived through his vacation. We spent most of July drunk together, and argued zero times. We had loads of fun, a few meh-days, and learned much about each other. What we're like when we're cranky and hungry, what we are willing to endure and what we thoroughly hate, and just in general, how we like our lives. 
We kinda match, so... 

He brought me boxes today. And IKEA-bags in case 15 boxes that can pretty much house one Heather aren't enough. 
I shall be leaving my tower on the 17th of September to live with him. 



Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I'm not much of a summer-person. I've never liked the warmth and the rush and the way everyone tries to live a whole year's worth in a month or two. Also, every summer I'm somehow forgotten. 

This summer my best friend moved to Italy. She met a lovely Italian man on Tinder and three months later he whisked her away. 
I was naturally a bit heartbroken as I heard the news. To make me happy again, Charming brought me a present. He does that, gives me things to make me smile. 
I'm not used to that. I'm in absolute shock over the fact that someone likes me enough to care about my happiness. 

The present was my first Lumous. We went to the pre-party on Thursday, saw most of the bands, and survived The End. 
After, we were hungover for three days. 
Best. Party. Ever. 

Also,  I've treated myself to a new wallet, which is a bit on the large side but well suited for my taste. I got it on eBay for, like, 7€ so I'm kinda waiting for it to fall apart at any given moment. 

It was my Birthday in June, and Mom got me a summer hat. I decorated it with a tulle bow, and I've gotten around to wearing it once. 
... I hardly ever go out when the sun is out and sun hats look a bit silly during the night. 
The hat is pretty, though, and it'll keep until next summer. 

Mom also gave me a nail varnish in a shade of red I'm a bit apprehensive about. It looks nice in the bottle, but when worn, it seems to change shades along with light. It's purple in natural light, and red in artificial light. This makes choosing lipstick super-hard. 
... black?

I haven't been working much, since Charming had July off and wanted to spend most of his time with me (another little detail that makes me pinch both him and myself to make certain we're stuck in the same dream). I did start a new cardigan, which I'm hoping to turn into a pattern. It features chevron lace, which is a new acquaintance for me. This is going to be a more challenging pattern, so it'll have to be tested before publishing. 
... a long project, in other words. 

I have also been playing Bioshock. Charming introduced me to the game, and I played through the first part with, what, three breaks, and now I'm in the middle of the second part. 
We've met some of his friends both on purpose and by accident, and every time he's told them what I did all day (played Bioshock) they, especially girls, look at me like I've escaped a different planet. 
"What, you play, do you, like, actually like it, you can't like that!" 
... yes, I like playing, and I enjoy shooters. Deal with it. 

 I've also made a pink EmoBunny. She's currently homeless, and would like to be adopted. 
She's gotten one of her eyes to fall off a bit, has cuts on her arms, and carries a noose to hang herself with. 
Poor thing. 

I'll try to write a bit more in the future. I've managed to minimize stress in my life (as much as I can at this point, anyway), and now I actually feel like writing. I'm starting to fall back into my "1000 words in the morning" -routine again, and it feels really good. 
So, until next time!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Happens!

As is the custom, I shall begin by mentioning that I am, in fact, still alive.
I've been meaning to write for a few weeks now, but, well, life keeps happening.

Now, as I got soaked on the way home, am fed up with work for this week, and have a lot of partying to do, I thought I'd take time to recap (what, again?) the beginning of the year.
Or, like, the first half of it.

I'm not a very consistent blogger, sorry about that.

The first three months were a bit horrible. Raven (the someone I found before Christmas) pulled a DramaKing-act on me, and we spent six weeks fighting before breaking up on the anniversary of my break-up with Husband no1.
 It was a good ride, but I could have done with a little less drama.

After that, I figured I'd never-ever in a million years try to have a relationship with anyone ever again, nope, not my cup of red, thank you very much.

And then on April 30th Prince Charming said Hey, where you been at all my life.

Since then, life has been super-strange. Like, in a really good way.
He's stable, he's caring, he's weird in a delightfully ordinary fashion. He takes me out to places I've never been before and makes me eat things I never thought I'd get to eat.

You know it when you find someone and you physically can't be without them. Sleeping alone culminates to me waking up at least three times to a) wonder where the **** I'm at (home, Trinity, you're at home in your own bed) and 2) where's he gone.

This has not happened to me before. It's a bit scary.

And wonderful.

I'm having major trouble understanding what happens. It's like waking up from a nightmare only to realize there's a fairytale waiting to be lived.

Business could be better, yes, but it's just work. I started a new book a few weeks ago, and should probably start hyping it up a bit. It's a sequel to The Mousetrap. I'm happy to get to hang with Jeremy a bit more, and to write out every bad dream and fear I've had during these past years.Writing is like therapy to me, and it's kinda worrying to notice I haven't given it much time lately.

So. Alive. Happy. Quite confused but in a good way.

Until next time.