Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - last two months recap

It seems like a million years since I last blogged. Many things have happened during the past two months. Let's start from the beginning, namely Halloween. 

I went to Laterna for the Release the Bats 2016 -event. As the walking cliche, the broken doll. This because I wasn't really in the mood to party, and kinda woke to Halloween a bit late. Like, the previous night. The outfit consisted of Phase's tartan skirt and a lot of fishnet. I even made up a story to go with the get-up, but I didn't get to share it once. 
So you'll get to hear it. 
I was a porcelain doll owned by a distressed teen. She dressed me up as her own image, and then, in a fit of anger, threw me against a wall and broke me. 
See? All broken. 
Yes, I'll try to put in a bit more effort next year. 
The mini I wore got me many, many compliments, so I chose to wear another dress with super-short hems the next time I went out. The dress was, and still is, very orange. I met a lot of new people that night, and they went under the illusion of me being normal for, like, at least a two weeks. 
It was funny. 
And when they saw me in velvet and lace, they said "holy fuck you look good". So, nice people, not judgmental of those darkly inclined.

And then. 
As mentioned, I've been a bit blue lately. 
Well, "a bit blue" is the understatement of the year, and should be awarded with the Official Award as soon as possible. As November drew near its end, I was literally quite sure I would - not to be dramatic or anything - die. 
And then something snapped, and I didn't die. 
In life, things have a way of fixing themselves. Everything will be fine when given enough time. 

Anyway, I started feeling better, and I went to a party with new friends. I had sushi for the first time ever (I've avoided it because the thought of eating raw fish is not that appealing) and actually liked it. I had fun, and tried on someone's glasses, and got my picture taken. 
And I accidentally looked hot. 
After the party I spent two weeks doing some work. I published a crochet pattern for a Basic Blazer in filet crochet... 
 ... and a glittery set of beanie and mitts. 
After seeing some of the promo pics, my old friends said I look happy for the first time in, like, five years. 
And then something happened. 
I went to a bar on a Thursday night. And I found someone. I have no idea what's happening, or what's going to happen but um squee.
And I got a VIP-card for a pub I hardly ever go to. 
Not because of the someone, the card is just a distraction so I won't jinx him. 
And then it was Christmas. 
I went to Mom's and Dad's, and got to decorate the tree. 
I ate at least this much chocolate, and at least half a pig.

I got a colouring book, and reflected my mood to a mandala.
And, well, I have a feeling next year will be a little less horrible. 
I hope. 

Have a safe and happy turn of the year! 


  1. Good to hear from you! Here's to a less horrible 2016?

  2. Glad to see you are hanging in there. You do look happy in your pictures. :)

    1. Thanks! ^^ It's weird how much making new friends can do to one's mood.


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