Tuesday, November 3, 2015

BatFit 2016: Goals and Challenge One

As many of you may know, I've been under quite a bit of stress lately. 
(AGAIN? can we get over it, please!!) 

Stress affects us in various ways, and all indivuals react to it differently. Getting rid of stress is a slow, difficult process. You can't set a timetable to it. And you can't put yourself under more pressure about getting better. 

Let's review very quickly. 
Marriage ended, moved to a new city, left friends behind (actually moved into another circle of friends, so that's not as big a deal as it may sound like), trying to find a new clientele for the business, getting used to looking after myself again. 
And then there's boys, of course, and drama. 
That's a lot for one girl. I did ye good old Life Stress Test and scored a whopping 341. 

So in order to not break myself and get this ship sailing again, I will take part in BatFit 2016. Not to lose weight (that happens on its own nowadays) but to gain mental and physical health and stability. 

Time to list goals. 

1. Stress makes me either stop eating, or resort to quick, easy options. Such as frozen pizza. So I will make sure I eat properly. Real food. I won't tell myself not to eat chocolate, that would send me off the cliff, thx bai, but I will eat my broccoli and like it. 
As cooking takes time, and I won't always have a lot of it, I'll look toward casseroles. And if I do need a meal right-now-super-quick, I will resort to the frozen vegetables -section. 

2. Stress-levels must go down. How, I have no idea. 

3. Business-wise, I should concentrate on marketing. I suck at that. So I shall make a marketing-plan. Tips are welcome! 

4. Two weeks or so ago, I had a chat with some friends online. They said that lately, I've created a habit of putting myself down. They said that all they hear from me is "I'm stupid, I'm useless, I don't know how to do this, everybody hates me" and THAT'S NOT TRUE. 
One could say I've been intervened... 
So I will try to break that habit, and get myself to believe that I am a smart, capable woman who can do many things. 

That's all. I think. 

Time to move on to Challenge One, which is moving 30 minutes per day. 
That's a lot of moving. 
Since I'm not doing this to lose weight but to gain a more healthy lifestyle, I will look toward yoga. In the city, I walk everywhere, so that does add exercise to my life. Once I'm really all the way settled here, I might see if I could continue dancing, but for now I need something that lowers stress-levels, and allows me a more meditative way of getting exercise. So yoga. It's actually something I've been wanting to start for a long time, and now is a good time. 

So there. Goals set, now to see how they can be made true. 
I started yesterday by unpacking the last lingering moving box. Doing so, I gained enough room in a closet to get a client's clothes out of the way. Which is nice, staring at a pile of finished orders makes me stress out about when she's going to pick them up... 
Also, I've taken up making lists about things I want to get done each week. Though I detest having anyone tell me what to do and when, it's good to have a bit of structure. 

Until next time. 


  1. Good for you. Stress makes me loose weight too. I get fat when I am happy. I'm with you on the bat fit journey!

    1. And I with you.

      Stress is a funny thing. The good kind of stress makes people reach the moon, and the bad kind destroys them. The duality of it never ceases to fascinate me, maybe I should have been a stress-researcher instead of a seamstress...

  2. Good luck! I hope you manage to destress a bit! Hugs!

    1. Thanks. Decisiveness is the key factor here. I think I put mine somewhere here, now where is it...

  3. I love lists. Lists makes everything easier. If I were you I would start by taking each of these points an looking at them one by one. You know where you are now, and where you want to be. Break the path down to part-goals, and break those goals down to even smaller goals. Eventually you will end up with mini-steps that you can do every day/week/month. I prefer weekly tasks, as they are more flexible than daily, but still more focused than monthly. So even if you feel your main goal is very far off, you will see that you are always moving towards it. That's what works for me, anyway.

    I just checked your Crafty-page, and you have 50 listings there! I don't know how much you actually sell, but even that is a huge achievement that many dream of but never even come close to achieving. In addition you have the garments you sew for your customers. No matter how your business actually fairs you can say that you dared to try and you gave it a chance. To most people that is a very brave thing to do.

    1. Lists do help, I should probably take a day off to create a MasterPlan just like you said. Thanks for sharing :)

      This too is funny, I know I've achieved a lot, but it's really difficult to realize from where I'm standing. To me, it's just what I do.


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