Thursday, October 29, 2015

Six, Seven - All Good Girls Fly to Heaven

Due to stress and major changes, I have been absent. 
Ish, since my business blog is up and running. 
Anyways, it may be time to share the news, and get back to the blogging routine. 
Which in my case is "whenever". 

Last time I blogged, I told you guys I was moving to Tampere. 
And I did! Yay!

And boy, was it a hard ride. Ouch is all I can say at this point. 

So. The story goes. 
On September 2nd, I moved to my sister's place, an old school building in the middle of nowhere. On September 9th, I rented an appartment in Tampere. It came totally out of the blue, I'd expected to wait in line for at least six months. As it turns out, a bit of panic is the best way to get things done... I turned, in a state of "I cannot stay in the countryside for a moment longer!!2!§!11" -panic, to a flat dealing business which one of my friends recommended. I called them, they found me a place right away, I went to see it three days later, I said I liked it, they said good, it's yours, move right in, and give us money. 

Naturally, I said "wait, what just happened". 

 After signing the leash, I went to Mom's and Dad's in Jyväskylä, and my family said "well, gee, it's nice that you found a flat, dear, but we can't help you move right now, you're just going to have to wait, like, indefinetely". 

Naturally, I said "excuse me but what?" and the reply was "well, we're just very busy right now, so you will wait, full stop". 

I said no.

After being dumped, starting with a divorce, and having spent the entire summer pretty much alone I was literally in no mood for bullcrap. 
So I called Jules (the Ex, just in case you've forgotten his name), and he rushed to the rescue. 
That's one of the benefits of parting as friends: when you really, really, really, really need them, they're there. 

So Jules came to pick me up on September 15th from my sister's, and drove me and most of my stuff to Tampere. And helped me carry everything inside. 

After a little bit of thinking on Dad's part, what I'd been forced to leave at my sister's found its way to me two days later. 

On the 15th, as we were headed to Tampere, I heard Jules muttering "... if I'd known you'd find a place to live so quickly you could have just moved from our place and you wouldn't have had to go through moving twice" which in my opinion counts as an apology for putting me on a schedule. 

Well, life is rocky sometimes, and moving twice (!!) in one month just goes to prove that one woman can do more than she expected. 

And I am now here. 
Shit hit the fan big time once I got here, relationship-wise, and I got to deal with issues of losing a friend and mending a fractured heart. I might write more on that later, but right now I'm trying to find my self-confidence again. 

So anyway. I have moved. To a tall, yellow building in Tampere. 
And I have all of my stuff here. And I shall now take you on a tour of crappy Lumia-photos of my place. 

I have a wide windowsill for my cacti. From the left, Hercules, Elvis, and Samson. Big names for my brave babies.  

 I have my computer desk, which is too black for my new place. To tone it down, I decorated it with printed pinups. 
Pretty ladies always brighten a place up. 

And I have my sewing machines, so I can work. In case you need anything made, contact me. 

My kitchen is super-small. There was no room for a microwave, so I let Jules have it. Good riddance, say I, since I rarely used it anyway. Cooking is a bit challenging here, but I've noted that creating "one pan" -dishes or just sticking with casseroles saves a lot of trouble. 

When breaking up with someone, the first thing to do is to get rid of the bed shared. I let Jules keep the bed we had, and got a new one. I like sleeping on high ground, so I got this to save space. It's wide, and I get to sleep in the middle, and all the pillows belong to Me.

Everything is really light and bright here. Not at all Gothic. 
But at least I'm here. 

Until next time. I promise to be a little more active from now on!