Thursday, September 10, 2015


I thought I would remain in a small village near the old house we used to live in. 
I thought I'd stay, be safe, do what I can. 
I thought things would remain ordinary. 

I was pretty much locked up in the house all summer. 

On July 31st I went to Mom's and Dad's. 
I got drunk with my favourite brother-in-law. It was fun. 
The next day, Mom and Dad had their 70th Birthday Party. I got to chat with relatives and entertain my niece. 
In the evening, something broke. 

After guests had left and family gone to sleep, I sat down with a drink and realized I hadn't asked myself what I want. 

So I did. 
And my first reaction was that I do not want to bury myself in the countryside. Sure it would be safe, but is life meant to be safe? 

Life is meant to be lived. 
We are made to learn, to grow, to love. To see a new place everyday, to meet people in unexpected places. 
We are meant to breathe easy. 

I signed a lease yesterday. 
I'm moving to Tampere. 

Going home, so to speak. 


  1. I prefer living in the city to the woods anytime! I love having people around and having to chose from oportunities instead of relaxing views of plants and animals. Which I can have anyway, just with 15 minutes by bike!

    1. Being from a small town, I thought I'd grow to be the forest-dwelling kind. The older I get, the more I need the buzz of a city. Having freedom to choose where one lives is a blessing.


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