Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blood @ Bar15

So as many of you may know, I have soft spot in my dark heart for a Finnish band called Nitroforce 9. They played their first gig this year at Bar15 in Seinäjoki. 
Whenever something fun happens, I miss it. Birthdays, Christmases, Halloweens, every band that plays around here, you name it. I was pretty certain I'd spend Valentine's with the plague, but God decided to look the other way. So I went. Out. With Husband and his cousin.
I wore clothes. 

Velvet wrap skirt: second hand
Lace blouse: second hand
Corselet: H&M
Shoes: Vagabond
Killer bunneh: present from sister-in-law

My outfit was pretty simple. I took my favourite skirt, and paired it with my favourite lace blouse and a corselet beneath to reduce the "look at my skin"-effect lace tends to have. It was comfortable (well, ish, cheap plastic boned things don't feel that good) during the long ride there and back again, and casual enough not to make me an eyesore in a sea of denim. 
The cuffs have large ruffles, and I chose to wear my bangles and many rings. 


Make-up was very simple, too, just mascara and black lips. Still, I couldn't escape all the "hey, look, that one's different"-attention. Luckily, this time it was positive: a lady I've never met before said that she thinks I'm remarkably beautiful. 
Way to throw off a shy Goth!

So. Moving on to the band. 
To those who by some fluke have missed this, NF9 plays good old fashioned rock'n'roll that reeks of sex and fast cars. And they do it really well. 
First, go get a bucket. Because hot guys. 

So. As usual, they played good, and made us all sweaty. And before the first encore, something went amiss, and then there was blood everywhere. 
I don't do that well with blood, so panic. 
What, you say, and so did the entire bar. 
Turns out the blond guitarist hit his head on something, and gained a cut above his eyebrow. We all know how much facial wounds bleed, so it was really messy. And scary. 
Despite that, we got at least, like, six encores. As I've said before, NF9 = excellent customer service. 

After the gig, I went to find Husband, realized it was Valentine's and kissed both him and his cousin (hey, hot guys, what is a girl to do) and decided I really needed a T-shirt. 
I have never in my life liked a band so much I wanted to wear something that bears their mark. Ever. 
Until now. 
I also got to ask if the guitarist will live. He promised to pull through.
The cut was pretty nasty, though :|

And that was my adventure @ Wartti, like we say here in Finland.
I don't feel so well right now. 



  1. oh wow! you look fantastic and glad to hear you got out

    1. Thanks, it was great to get out, I really needed a break from work ^^

  2. Hot guys is right! Not enough scenes with their shirts off in that video though. :(

    Hope you feel better soon. (p.s. you are remarkably beautiful.)

    1. I agree, more skin is more skin and more skin is always better when it comes to hot guys.

      All better now (and a bit thrown off, thanks)

  3. How very nice that you finally made it out of the house on a special occasion and looked so pretty! The band seems cool, I'll listen to their songs on youtube and then decide if I'd like to buy an album...

  4. Ohhh dear! I probably wouldn't feel too well either! And worried about the poor musician! Glad he was ok!

    Your outfit is gorgeous!

    1. Not feeling that hot AGAIN, turns out I caught an A virus from the bar :|

      Thanks, I've made a mental note to wear that again ^^


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