Friday, January 30, 2015

January's Homework Assignment: What's on Your Cutting Table?

As many of you may know, I sew for a living. Instead of showcasing work I do for clients, I'm going to offer WIPs that are all for ME. Except one. 
There must always be an exception. 
Let's begin. 

I've always had difficulty with sitting around doing nothing. It makes me feel like I'm unproductive and lazy. So while watching TV (or Husband playing Oblivion or just chatting with his bitches) I knit or crochet. I usually have at least three projects on the needles, and one on the hook, but right now, I'm down to two knits. The first one is a very basic top-down raglan-sleeved top knit in stockinette with upcycled cotton. No surprises there. It's going to take FOREVER to finish, but at least it's a no-brainer. I'll work on it when I don't feel like challenging myself, and it'll be done when it's done. I'm probably going to do the hem in seed stitch, and repeat that solution with the sleeves. And I might also switch to lace. Who knows these things. 

Next up in the knitting field, a non-Goth colour. Lioness yellow. 
I found two balls of my favourite, discontinued yarn from a flea market. I brought them home, and wondered what to make. I settled for a Baktus-mod in seed stitch. I started knitting, enjoying the feel of mohair-blend. Everything went well. 

And then... 
I dug into my second ball, knit away dribbling on Woody Harrelson, and after three inches, I realized the two balls of yarn came from different dye lots and I have a humongous difference in colour. 
What can a girl say other than FUUUUU!!!!!
I'm going to frog about 10", and re-do the middle bit with black stripes. It'll be fine. 
Maybe it'll make me like bees better. 

Let's move on to sewing. 

This is the exception to the "this is all for ME"-rule mentioned earlier. 
I make sewing patterns as well as custom orders. Sample pieces usually end up in my wardrobe. 
I've developed a liking toward skater dresses. They're pretty, easy to accessorize, and very comfortable to wear. So I made a basic one. And then I wanted one with a hood. And bell sleeves. And a lacing in the front. And can it be velvet? 
So I made one. This is going to be a pattern someday, the dress is all photographed and everything. 
Only it's a bit short for me. And my arms get cold in it. So I'm thinking about adding a longer layer to the hem and the sleeves. 
Unless someone wants to take it off my hands. 

Moving on. 

This project is at the "oh look, fabrics!"-stage, which is naturally the most interesting part of any project. 
I found a piece of black satin from a flea market (do you ever shop anywhere else? well, ebay, sometimes). First, it wanted to be a pencil skirt. Then it wanted to be a loli-skirt. Then it wanted to hide in the closet, and as it came out, it wanted to hang out with red satin, and be a reverse applique dress. 
I said you want to be a what now? and it repeated itself. 
Reverse applique dress. And can you make it long, with a slit so that people can see your legs? or at least a skirt beneath. 
I said fine, but if you go and change your mind again, I'm selling you. 
The fabrics still want to be the dress, so I guess I best hurry. 
Only I can't decide between blood spatters and roses. 

 Last up, "the dress that doesn't photograph all that well". 

In the spring, I cut a dress from black, thick chiffon and nude lining silk. 
It's been waiting to be sewn for months now. It wants something more, and refuses to talk to me. 
I hate it when that happens. 
The thing has most of my pins in it, it's in the way, and I actually forgot why I thought I wanted to make a chiffon dress with an open back. Did I think I might go to a party or something? 
Silly me. 

That's all, folks. All that I'm making pour moi at the moment. 
Now I need to get cracking on paying work so I'll have time to finish all of this... 

Until next time,


  1. 'I said you want to be a what now? and it repeated itself.' I like that your fabric talks to you. LOL

    I'll be embarrassed to write about my knitting projects now ... you have mad skillz of which I'm very envious. ;)

    1. If a fabric won't speak, I won't sew it. The garment will just turn out uncomfortable and somehow wrong. This, i believe, is what makes me a mad dressmaker :P

      You should never be embarrassed about anything you've made. Every item produced by loving hands is meaningful <3

  2. Really exciting what you are knitting although it is a bummer that the yellow golds do not match!

    1. Must look at the bright side: I get to work with the yellow yarn much longer! Yay! :D

  3. That skater dress with bell sleeves and everything is so pretty! I love that you wrote about the fabric-stage, I guess that stage appears only with people who do a lot of sewing, so it is interesting to read about it, I have never had that. :)

    1. People who sew a lot, and have a tendency toward hyper-active imagination :P I'm happy to hear you like the dress, I was a little bit iffy about the amount of details.

  4. The dress looks great and I am sure the other will too when it is done! The lack of black chiffon and lace in fashion makes me so sad!

    1. Thanks :) The satin dress has been cut, and is waiting to be sewn.

      It's funny, how fashion most often offers the everyday consumer light pastels and sturdy materials, and couture designers cover their models in Gothic chic. I think we should be flattered, but it would be nice if stores offered more of the dark, couture-inspired stuff.

  5. Those damned dye lots drive me nuts. Seriously. Dye lots and vintage patterns that don't translate 100% into modern yarns/wools. ARGH. BUT, as you know, there's always more than one way around knitting craziness. Smack those stitches back into line! WAHOO!

    I hear you about fabric talking to you. Ahem, paint and canvas does the same thing ... I hear my pencils calling my name constantly. It's time to take them out. Soon.

    1. Stitches have been dealt with, my solution of adding black stripes is actually a lot nicer than I expected. Which is nice, I was sort of dreading it to be quite honest... black and yellow is a pretty harsh combination!


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