Sunday, December 21, 2014

Clever Title, vol. 666

So I've been in a right funk again. There's so much going on I'm finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. So I sleep until 1pm, work, eat, watch a film with Husband, and go back to work, and stay up until 5am. 
Really healthy. 

So. What's going on. 
I picked up a hobby this fall. 
As long as I can remember, I've danced, one form or another. This autumn, a dear friend encouraged me to take a dance class she's instructing. As I needed something to distract me from work and... well, Husband, I agreed. Every Thursday since September, I've looked like this. 

The class I'm taking is Oriental Cabaret Fusion, and I'm loving it. The first two times I was completely lost, but now I'm starting to feel like I no longer have two left feet and four right arms of which none knows what the bloody hell they're doing. Instead of tumbling about, I feel like I'm actually getting the hang of dancing again. 
Of course, everything is easier when one is home alone, shaking one's wide Gothic butt to Opeth, but still. Fun. I'm even getting the chance to work on my non-existing social skills, yay.

Work has kept me a bit overwhelmed lately. I took an order on crocheted tank slippers (the link goes to my other blog) while struggling with a big order for my fav client. So of course I got stressed out, and now that everything is done, I'm stressing out about Christmas. 
Which I shouldn't be doing. If all goes as planned, I'll be spending Christmas at my Sister's with Mom and Dad and my favourite Brother-In-Law (he's my favourite 'cause he married my Sis, and is a really, really great guy) and my lovely niece. And Sis, of course, who is my inspiration and role model. 
Not that I'll ever achieve her level of greatness. 

It seems I'm feeling a bit unsure of myself again. Even though dancing is allowing me a way to express myself, I still feel inadequate. Unappreciated. Not good enough. 
Well, I guess inferiority complex is better than god complex. At least this can get better. 

We had a clothes-swap about a year ago. I picked up the grey top there. It's a delightful garment made with mesh, knit fabric, and jersey, and decorated with a fluffy ribbon. I haven't gotten many chances to wear it, since it didn't go with my skirts. Luckily, I found the perfect hems to pair it with at a flea market. 

Top: mystery
Skirt: Reflex, second hand
pls excuse messy 'do, I've never been BFF's with hair spray

The skirt was size ReallyBig, so I took in at the waist band. It's made with gussets at the hem, and twirls beautifully. 
The hem is this wide on both side, and it makes sounds when I move.

The sleeves of the top have lovely details, only they're a little bit short for my arms. I love the rugged feel, it reminds me of the Crunge-look of the nineties. 
You may notice I'm not wearing my wedding ring. Haven't worn it in ages, it seems to clash with the rings I really like to wear.

So. Christmas is, like, in three days. And I still need to finish two presents. Hope I'll make it in time... 

Have a happy Christmas. May your Holidays be filled with starlight and fulfilled wishes. 


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  1. I have a skirt I have to take in too, sigh, effort!

    I love your fusion outfit! Dancing is really good for expresssing yourself, sometimes it can be spiritual too! Just close the doors and windows, put on music and dance alone however you feel! Don't think about it!


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