Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ränkirock 2014, aka Can You Festival

Yesterday, we went to the local festival. It's a very small happening, but a nice tradition. This year, we got to see almost all the bands, though we had a bit of a rocky start. One of our friends had promised to pick us up so Husband could have a few beers, too, and we learned at six, an hour after the festival had started, that he wouldn't be able to show up until at around eight. So we had to drive there. In a right hurry, since Hoppin' Cretins started at 18:15. We made it, though, and had fun. 

And I wore clothes! 
Having learned a thing or two about the previous outing during sunlit hours, I steered clear from polyester. I picked a long cotton skirt, a lace top, and a light cotton/lace corselet. 

Since the day was sunny, I took my parasol along for the ride. Mainly to make people stare, it's a bit too lacey to actually block lethal rays. It's pretty, though, and I like to show it off. It's hand-made, upcycled from a discarded umbrella. I'm hoping to find another metal framed umbrella so I could make a tutorial on how to do this. 

Lace top, corselet, skirt, parasol: Heather Wielding Originals

 I tried something different with my hair. It's my version of a French twist, and Husband managed to get a shoddy shot. So I must try this again sometime, and get a better picture. 
The earrings are a B-day present from one of our friends. They're light and pretty, and with just the right amount of bling. 

So. Festival. I have no pictures from the actual happening, since I don't like carrying a camera with (total clutch), and taking pics while having fun is just not my thing. So instead, you get music videos. Yay? 

First, there was a band we missed. And then, there was Hoppin' Cretins. They play Ramones covers, and do it pretty well. 
Next, a local group named Ravenshine. Seeing them was a bit strange, since the sun was shining, and they were wearing corpse paint. The contrast was too big to really work, but they played OK. 

After, I finally got to see Revengine. I've missed them countless times, so I was very happy to sit on the grass, drink wine, and watch them play. 
I was a bit disappointed, though, since I'd built them up in my head, and they didn't quite reach up to the expectation. 

Sadly, they only had a "one frame"-video. Their debute album's coming out in just a few days, and I hope they do well with it. 

Then there was a local girl group called Pula. They play punk, and I've never really warmed up to them. After, Koitos played Finnish metal, and I didn't much care for them either. They both played well, the music just wasn't my glass of red. 
I'm picky. 

And then, we had a Russian group. They were the wild card, no-one expected nothing from them, and they turned out very entertaining. So much so I had to get up and go party... 
They were Stepanov's Starlings, and though I don't think I'd listen to them, like on CD, they were ridiculously good live. Incredibly energetic show, they interacted with the audience enjoyably, making us jump and dance and scream, and they wore wings! 

And last, as is traditional. Nitroforce 9. Good old rock'n'roll, with top knotch customer service. They've released their first album, and have made actual videos on singles, so now you get to see why I'm raving about their talented (and very pretty) singer. 

No, they don't really wear ponchos and sombreros. 

Before, Ränkirock has been the high point of summer around here, a sort of gathering of the villagers. This year, everyone was someplace else. Where, I don't know. This made everything seem somehow watered down. It was slow, and quiet, and the bands didn't have that much energy. 

I hope it'll be better next year. 

At this point, btw, I'd like to share a little bit of news. I abandoned the Smashwords-ship, and jumped in with Amazon. Two of my books, the Children of the Night-series (which currently has two parts, with a third on the way, and a fourth an irritating itch behind my right shoulder blade) are available in electronic format, and will soon come available in print as well. To keep track of all the news, along with me venting about writing and stuff, follow my other blog

So. Until next time.