Friday, May 30, 2014

So... short dresses and demonias = frowns?

I've been a bit busy again, but I finally found the joy of blogging again. Yay! Lately, I've been making a evening dress for a client, and it turned out so nice my lingering self-doubt turned into a newly-found joy in working. So again, yay! I've even managed to write a bit, which has lately been a luxury.  

On Wednesday, we went to a near-by town for a spot of grocery shopping. The town is a strange place: it's inhabited with Laestadians, and everyone is really apprehensive about people who are a bit... different. 
I had a bit of a clothing crisis in the morning, and finally settled for a short dress. I was looking for something more modest, but my wardrobe let me down. 
The day was a bit chilly, so I wore a long sleeved turtleneck and shorts under the dress. For footwear, I chose my Demonias. 

The outfit was really comfy, and I decided to enhance it with nearly-matching lipstick. I put my hair up, because it's really started to get into my eyes. Since it's allergy-season, it really irritates me. 
To keep warm, I added a crochet cardigan. 
I thought I looked quite modest, but... well, I went to Seppälä while Husband ran some errands, and two girls followed me the whole time, watching everything I touched like I'd come in to do a bit of shoplifting! I've never gotten  that reaction before, and thought it was hilarious. 
Dress and Cardigan: Heather Wielding Originals
Shoes: Demonia Trump101, second hand
The selection of garments on sale let me down, but I did pick up a wet'n'wild nail varnish. In black, naturally. 

After, we went to buy food, and a lady standing behind me in the line gave me the evil eye. She looked up and down on me with the wickedest frown, and I caught her. As her eyes came back up, they met mine, and I smiled to her. Boy was she embarrassed :D

The cardigan is hand-made, and a complete square. The collar is long enough to be worn as a hood, and it's pretty much my favourite cardigan ever. 
The pattern for it can be downloaded for free on Craftsy and Ravelry (sorry about the info-mercial, but I figured it's OK since it's a freebie). After I'd published the pattern, I added a shell-edge to my cardigan to give it a more elegant flare. 

This thing is  pure love when the house gets cold.
 Last Saturday, we went to a yearly Viking-themed party. It's been a tradition for a whopping three years now. This year, was the funnest I've had to date. I tried axe-throwing and sword fighting and got quite well beaten up. Sadly, no-one was there to take pictures of my outfit. Maybe I should replicate it soon, and give a more detailed post about the feast? 

Until next time. 


  1. I love your outfit, that is a beautiful shade of indigo and I love the crocheted shawl! I guess I am lucky to live in an area where everyone wears t shirts and shorts and I mostly stand out just for being more dressed up than others.

    The Viking thing sounds fun, I'd like to do axe throwing, but I am so clumsy I might take a foot off. I'd love to see the outfit if you ever feel like replicating it! I have got more into Medieval type styles recently.

    1. Cheers, I'm thinking of making another cardigan in red. The only problem is finding yarn... I want to use upcycled yarn, and stumbling on a the huge amount needed in matching dye lots is a bit challenging. Fingers crossed for the next shopping trip. And the next one, and the one after that ^^

      The Viking party was really fun, and I think axe throwing was the safest of our activities. It's nearly impossible to hit oneself, because the technique is fail-safe. Unless one does something completely wrong... I'll try to re-do the outfit someday, though it wasn't much of an effort, just things found in the closet and matched in Viking-spirit.

  2. I had to look up Laestadians, but now I get why they were giving you the evil eye. :P

    You go, girl! You should really give 'em something to talk about next time you visit!!

    1. I wouldn't go there, if they didn't have the closest Lidl. I cannot function without paprica-stuffed olives and sweet chili sauce, so... next time, I'll wear Victorian. That'll give them something to stare! :D


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