Monday, May 12, 2014

Cretins N Things

So every time I blog, I have to start with apologies for being quiet for so long. I figured I'd just quit... you lot probably have already realized I'm not very active, nor productive. Blogging is something I refuse to stress over. 
Anyway, first I was busy, then I was ticked off, then I had the flu, and now I'm busy again. Stinks, right? 

So. Saturday. As we had gotten over flus (we were both sick, how romantic is that) and a band was playing at the local tavern, we decided to go par-tee. 
Like, hardcore. 
The band was a Ramones cover-band called Hoppin' Cretins. Our friends' band, naturally, everybody knows everybody around here. I'm not that into punk, but it was OK. Entertaining, even. And as an added bonus, lovely Eero from Nitroforce9 was playing the drums. So yay, much fun. 

Also, I wore clothes. 

Since it was a punk-sort of evening, I tried to incorporate something of the style. 
I got as far as tartan... I wore the cool new top I mentioned at an earlier post. It's got a nice, colourful print, and a high collar. It's sleeveless, so I paired it with a mesh top underneath, and a shrug on top. Also, wristlets are a must. 
My skirt is brand new, it's my reward for getting my webshop back on line. It's ridiculously wide, and very pleasant to wear. Since it's made with cotton, it falls heavily, and doesn't fly. The shrug is the easiest shrug ever, made with a wide piece knit in seed stitch, and sewn together at both ends. To make it a bit more interesting, I added a crochet shell edge around the cuffs and the border. 

Top: Second hand
Shrug and Skirt: Heather Wielding Originals

The bar was quite full, despite it being the night of the Eurovision song contest. Sadly, people hadn't come in to listen to the band, but to watch the song contest on TV... After the band had played two sets, everyone settled to watch as the votes came in. We ran off at that point, going starts to get a bit rough around here after midnight. People don't come to the bar to get drunk, see, they come in to get drunkER, and I get fed up with mindlessly intoxicated crowds pretty fast. Getting tipsy is one thing, getting shitfaced is another. 

Husband, the photographer, managed to get some really crappy shots this time. Sorry! 

Make-up was pretty basic, as usual. Dark-rimmed eyes and dark red lips. And, for a chance, Morticia-red nail varnish. I got the varnish from Yves Rocher, and it's a killer. Lasts very well, dries super-fast, and one layer gives full coverage. I have the same varnish in red and eggplant, and both are my absolute favourites. Now if UncleYves only did the paint in black...
I left my hair loose since it's got a nice-ish length again, and has started to curl up. I'm really enjoying being almost long-haired again!

This one I had to take myself, since Husband wouldn't concentrate one bit :|
So. I'm home alone, and I've been cleaning all night. Time to play. Oblivion, as usual... I started over with a male hero, and he's so fine I spend most of my playing time staring at him :D 

Until next time, 


  1. You should never have to apologise for not blogging or not blogging often enough. It should be something we enjoy, not feel obligated to do. I like to read your blog, and just because you don't do it every day doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Loving the outfit, huge skirts are great! :) and glad you're feeling better

    1. Thank you <3

      Blogging does start to feel like a chore sometimes, especially when I'm really busy or not feeling so hot. I figured I'd try to chill about it... after all, life should be fun. At least most times.


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