Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And then there was a big storm

Yesterday was a really warm day. The sweaty-kind of warm, not the nice-kind of warm. I was working on a dress all day, and after dinner, I followed Husband to the lake shore. 
Which is, like, really close. There's a sauna there, and a fire-place outside. It would be a really nice place to spend time at, but I'm not an outdoorsy-kind of person. 

Going outside results in me running toward the house screaming, chased by an insect... 

Just waiting for the bug-attack. In a very basic "home alone, working"-type of outfit. 

I was brave enough to put my feet in the water. It was cold! 

Selfie via water. Almost meant for this to happen. 

I felt a storm rising, though Husband said the dark clouds would pass us by. 
He still hasn't figured out I'm always right. 

Outside the sauna, wishing the Pepsi hadn't been the sugary kind. 

GrandMa's cat was waiting for us on the stairs. He seemed really bothered about the heat as well. 
I can't understand how a cat can look so comfortable sleeping on concrete stair. 

Iikoriparka, Kultakissa

The storm rose really quickly. It came from two directions at once, bringing dusty gusts of wind, and lightnings above the clouds. 
The heavens broke soon, and the rain seemed to drown the entire world. I didn't think to take pictures of it. It was too overwhelming to watch the first storm of the summer. 

The thunder took out the power in minutes. Water comes from our well via an electric pump, so when there's no power, there's no water. 
Stinks, big time. 

The electricity didn't return all night. 
I spent some of my dark evening writing by candlelight. 

I've gone to see Jay again. Through the eyes of her girlfriend.
Yes, my vampires are gay. 

The only candles I could find were small, decorative ones. I had to blow one (accidentally two) when a moth drowned in it. 
By the light of a single flame, I played with the camera. 
Everything else was out of juice. 

I suck at taking photos, but this turned out nice. ish. 

Come dawn, the power had returned, and I got to have a shower and coffee, and continue working on the dress. 
I hope we won't get many storms like that one this summer. 

I remembered I have a twitter-account, and am now trying to have a micro-blog there. Managing one photo and one sentence a couple of times a week seems like a reasonable task. 

So. Until next time. Husband's having his yearly Viking-B-day next Saturday, so I hope I'll manage a post about the festivities. Or at least my outfit. Which is still undecided. 



  1. I like your skirt! The river looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, I made the skirt, and it's the most comfortable thing ever ^^


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