Friday, May 30, 2014

So... short dresses and demonias = frowns?

I've been a bit busy again, but I finally found the joy of blogging again. Yay! Lately, I've been making a evening dress for a client, and it turned out so nice my lingering self-doubt turned into a newly-found joy in working. So again, yay! I've even managed to write a bit, which has lately been a luxury.  

On Wednesday, we went to a near-by town for a spot of grocery shopping. The town is a strange place: it's inhabited with Laestadians, and everyone is really apprehensive about people who are a bit... different. 
I had a bit of a clothing crisis in the morning, and finally settled for a short dress. I was looking for something more modest, but my wardrobe let me down. 
The day was a bit chilly, so I wore a long sleeved turtleneck and shorts under the dress. For footwear, I chose my Demonias. 

The outfit was really comfy, and I decided to enhance it with nearly-matching lipstick. I put my hair up, because it's really started to get into my eyes. Since it's allergy-season, it really irritates me. 
To keep warm, I added a crochet cardigan. 
I thought I looked quite modest, but... well, I went to Seppälä while Husband ran some errands, and two girls followed me the whole time, watching everything I touched like I'd come in to do a bit of shoplifting! I've never gotten  that reaction before, and thought it was hilarious. 
Dress and Cardigan: Heather Wielding Originals
Shoes: Demonia Trump101, second hand
The selection of garments on sale let me down, but I did pick up a wet'n'wild nail varnish. In black, naturally. 

After, we went to buy food, and a lady standing behind me in the line gave me the evil eye. She looked up and down on me with the wickedest frown, and I caught her. As her eyes came back up, they met mine, and I smiled to her. Boy was she embarrassed :D

The cardigan is hand-made, and a complete square. The collar is long enough to be worn as a hood, and it's pretty much my favourite cardigan ever. 
The pattern for it can be downloaded for free on Craftsy and Ravelry (sorry about the info-mercial, but I figured it's OK since it's a freebie). After I'd published the pattern, I added a shell-edge to my cardigan to give it a more elegant flare. 

This thing is  pure love when the house gets cold.
 Last Saturday, we went to a yearly Viking-themed party. It's been a tradition for a whopping three years now. This year, was the funnest I've had to date. I tried axe-throwing and sword fighting and got quite well beaten up. Sadly, no-one was there to take pictures of my outfit. Maybe I should replicate it soon, and give a more detailed post about the feast? 

Until next time. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And then there was a big storm

Yesterday was a really warm day. The sweaty-kind of warm, not the nice-kind of warm. I was working on a dress all day, and after dinner, I followed Husband to the lake shore. 
Which is, like, really close. There's a sauna there, and a fire-place outside. It would be a really nice place to spend time at, but I'm not an outdoorsy-kind of person. 

Going outside results in me running toward the house screaming, chased by an insect... 

Just waiting for the bug-attack. In a very basic "home alone, working"-type of outfit. 

I was brave enough to put my feet in the water. It was cold! 

Selfie via water. Almost meant for this to happen. 

I felt a storm rising, though Husband said the dark clouds would pass us by. 
He still hasn't figured out I'm always right. 

Outside the sauna, wishing the Pepsi hadn't been the sugary kind. 

GrandMa's cat was waiting for us on the stairs. He seemed really bothered about the heat as well. 
I can't understand how a cat can look so comfortable sleeping on concrete stair. 

Iikoriparka, Kultakissa

The storm rose really quickly. It came from two directions at once, bringing dusty gusts of wind, and lightnings above the clouds. 
The heavens broke soon, and the rain seemed to drown the entire world. I didn't think to take pictures of it. It was too overwhelming to watch the first storm of the summer. 

The thunder took out the power in minutes. Water comes from our well via an electric pump, so when there's no power, there's no water. 
Stinks, big time. 

The electricity didn't return all night. 
I spent some of my dark evening writing by candlelight. 

I've gone to see Jay again. Through the eyes of her girlfriend.
Yes, my vampires are gay. 

The only candles I could find were small, decorative ones. I had to blow one (accidentally two) when a moth drowned in it. 
By the light of a single flame, I played with the camera. 
Everything else was out of juice. 

I suck at taking photos, but this turned out nice. ish. 

Come dawn, the power had returned, and I got to have a shower and coffee, and continue working on the dress. 
I hope we won't get many storms like that one this summer. 

I remembered I have a twitter-account, and am now trying to have a micro-blog there. Managing one photo and one sentence a couple of times a week seems like a reasonable task. 

So. Until next time. Husband's having his yearly Viking-B-day next Saturday, so I hope I'll manage a post about the festivities. Or at least my outfit. Which is still undecided. 


Monday, May 12, 2014

Cretins N Things

So every time I blog, I have to start with apologies for being quiet for so long. I figured I'd just quit... you lot probably have already realized I'm not very active, nor productive. Blogging is something I refuse to stress over. 
Anyway, first I was busy, then I was ticked off, then I had the flu, and now I'm busy again. Stinks, right? 

So. Saturday. As we had gotten over flus (we were both sick, how romantic is that) and a band was playing at the local tavern, we decided to go par-tee. 
Like, hardcore. 
The band was a Ramones cover-band called Hoppin' Cretins. Our friends' band, naturally, everybody knows everybody around here. I'm not that into punk, but it was OK. Entertaining, even. And as an added bonus, lovely Eero from Nitroforce9 was playing the drums. So yay, much fun. 

Also, I wore clothes. 

Since it was a punk-sort of evening, I tried to incorporate something of the style. 
I got as far as tartan... I wore the cool new top I mentioned at an earlier post. It's got a nice, colourful print, and a high collar. It's sleeveless, so I paired it with a mesh top underneath, and a shrug on top. Also, wristlets are a must. 
My skirt is brand new, it's my reward for getting my webshop back on line. It's ridiculously wide, and very pleasant to wear. Since it's made with cotton, it falls heavily, and doesn't fly. The shrug is the easiest shrug ever, made with a wide piece knit in seed stitch, and sewn together at both ends. To make it a bit more interesting, I added a crochet shell edge around the cuffs and the border. 

Top: Second hand
Shrug and Skirt: Heather Wielding Originals

The bar was quite full, despite it being the night of the Eurovision song contest. Sadly, people hadn't come in to listen to the band, but to watch the song contest on TV... After the band had played two sets, everyone settled to watch as the votes came in. We ran off at that point, going starts to get a bit rough around here after midnight. People don't come to the bar to get drunk, see, they come in to get drunkER, and I get fed up with mindlessly intoxicated crowds pretty fast. Getting tipsy is one thing, getting shitfaced is another. 

Husband, the photographer, managed to get some really crappy shots this time. Sorry! 

Make-up was pretty basic, as usual. Dark-rimmed eyes and dark red lips. And, for a chance, Morticia-red nail varnish. I got the varnish from Yves Rocher, and it's a killer. Lasts very well, dries super-fast, and one layer gives full coverage. I have the same varnish in red and eggplant, and both are my absolute favourites. Now if UncleYves only did the paint in black...
I left my hair loose since it's got a nice-ish length again, and has started to curl up. I'm really enjoying being almost long-haired again!

This one I had to take myself, since Husband wouldn't concentrate one bit :|
So. I'm home alone, and I've been cleaning all night. Time to play. Oblivion, as usual... I started over with a male hero, and he's so fine I spend most of my playing time staring at him :D 

Until next time,