Friday, March 21, 2014

Gone Shopping

Whenever I think to myself "I'll be a better blogger", it's when everyone all of a sudden needs a new dress. 
I've been swamped with work. After the last post, I actually had a little bit of a meltdown, and had to force myself to take four days off right in the middle of a sewing-chaos. 
One lives, one learns. I now know I can't work 24/7. I need at least one day off per week. To play Oblivion. Or to dribble on pretty English men. 

Y-day, Husband wanted to go shopping. I'd tackled the last of the flood of orders to a point of "I need a fitting", so it was perfect timing for a day off. 
It was a cold, snowy day, the last day of real winter, I hope. And I wasn't dressed for it. 
In the morning, I felt like I needed something really pretty to take my mind off... well, everything. So I wore my new favourite dress, and paired it with my tartan corselet. 
And for the first time in two years, I got my hair into a bun! 
Wrap-cut dress, waist corselet: Heather Wielding Originals
Mesh top: second hand
Scissor pendant: Goottikirppis

We went to Sein√§joki to loot the flea markets. Husband's cousin (his hair is longer than mine, jealous over here) came with, and took us to dinner later. We went to Daddy's Diner, and I got to regret wearing a corselet... it's boned with plastic, but still made me feel really nauseous after stuffing myself with a humongous garlic burger and almost all the chips that came with it... Note to self: do not do that again. 

Daddy's Diner was really nice, I liked the food and the atmosphere (it was like having walked into Pulp Fiction, only the waitresses weren't dressed as famous pin-ups) and I will return there for cheesecake some day soon. 

Shopping was good, too, I dug up some fabrics and a pretty little top for the summer. And no, I didn't think to take pictures of what I found, silly me. 

I wish, I wish, I wish.

I'm still not out of the funk that got me down earlier. It's transformed a bit, leaving me very angry, but... I don't know. I think I need a vacation, like, somewhere else. Like, at Mom's and Dad's. Or with Sis and hers. Anyplace else where it's warm and quiet when I try to sleep.

So. Tomorrow, I get another day off. On Sunday, too. 
What does the mad dress maker do on her day off? Sew for herself. 

Until next time


  1. I love the outfit! You are right, even with plastic boning, corsets are not good for eating in! I am more of a fan of waistcoats at the moment.

    Yes, sometimes you just really need a break, a real break, not just a day off! I hope you get a real rest soon and can feel relaxed again! Work can be such a mixed blessing and curse!

    1. Cheers, it was a very comfy outfit, too, up until the burger... I haven't worn corsets in a long while, they can be tricky and demanding. But there's the upside, too, of feeling like someone's there all the time, giving you a tight hug ^^

      Working for oneself is really hard, vacation-wise. Even on days off, it's difficult not to check the email and not to do any work.. but first chance I get, I'll make it so I can lounge on Mom's sofa for at least an entire week.

  2. Great outfit! I love the tartan against the black.


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