Monday, January 13, 2014

"There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that"

Blistering wind. 
What a good day for a photo shoot. 

As You probably have noticed, I'm a nerd. Major nerd. I live for books and movies, crave to enter realms that never have existed. 
Today, I got to make one bonkers idea come true. 

You see, as a nerd-girl, I have, naturally, developed a liking toward Loki. After watching the Avengers for the fifth time, I realized I had to have... 
His coat. 

As I knew this would be a garment worn only once for a photo shoot, I made a Loki-inspired coat in red velvet, with inserts of black leather. 
Nuts? Yes. Fun? Oh God, yes. 

 I can't remember the last time I wore a mad grin while sewing. How I've missed it. 

Since the weather was beautiful and, in every way, perfect (not), I wanted some of the pictures taken outside. 

 What I hadn't taken into account was that the air is never still up here. -15C is fine when it's not windy. -15C when the wind blows at 4m/s is murder. My fingers froze to the core before I even got to the shore, and in the middle of the ice covered lake, I had to struggle not to shiver. 

 The light of a winter day was beautiful. I wish the weather would have allowed me to stay a little longer, but the crippling fear of knowing that I have three minutes left until my fingers literally snap off drove me back inside.

 The adventure is now over. I have to return to real life, and, like, work. 
But for just one day, it was nice to be a god. 
To know that all I have to say is... 




  1. That is seriously awesome! Hats off to you for braving such weather conditions in the name of nerdness <3

    1. Cheers ^^ It was, actually, great fun despite the cold. I'd do it again in a heartbeat! :D

  2. This looks so great! Once in a while everyone has to make something that makes no sense. Like sewing a crinoline dress which you will wear maybe 2 times. But it looks good, is fun to sew and a little crazy spices up your life!

    1. Thank you :) If I had an inspiration to make a crinoline, I'd wear it everyday. But yes, a bit of nuttiness brings a nice flavour to ordinary, every-day life. Must remember to go nuts more often ^^

  3. I am so kneeling right now ... that coat is magnificent!

    Excellent photo shoot and well worth the frozen fingers. ;o)

    1. In the end, they will all kneel. Thanks ^^

      On days like these, I'm super-thankful I'm Finnish. I think I'd still be an icicle had I not spent two hours in the sauna...

  4. That coat looks amazing! The world outside looks so beautiful, pristine and cold! I want to be there right now (definitely wearing velvet)!

    1. Thank you :) It is quite pretty here this time of year. Everything is white and glittery <3

  5. *SQUEE* You look so awesome ... and that coat! TO DIE FOR! Awwww, nerds and geeks unite! The Thor/Avengers movies are so well done and visually fabulous. LOVE 'EM.

    1. Thanks Professor <3 I agree on the movies, sheer awesomeness all the way. I'm a bit pissed at Husband, though, since he's managed to delete Thor from all our hard-drives :'(


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