Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I've been feeling blue lately. 
This is strange for me: I'm one of the shiny happy people. 
To compensate, I've been immersing myself in work. Writing and sewing have filled my days, but done little to lift my spirits. 
Yesterday, Husband took me shopping. Mopey Woman found three pieces of clothing she intends to alter to fit her figure, and a glittery cardigan she refused to take off. 

I never wear clothes straight from the flea market. I wash them first. This one, however, has stayed on since I tried it after returning home. Paired with a puffball-bondage skirt, I felt safe.

Grey Top: H&M
Glitter Cardigan: Second Hand
Puffball-Bondage Skirt: Heather Wielding Original

The house is cold. Dreadfully so. We had real winter weather with temperatures down to -25C for a few weeks, and I was frozen. With two skirts, tights, kneehigh wool socks, two pullovers and fingerless mitts I was still frozen to the core. To top it all up, as the weather turned warmer, the roof started leaking. 

I miss Mom and Dad's house. Wish I could just move back in. 

This is one wall of our kitchen. The door leads to a corridor which connects to GrandMa's side of the house.

The doors here make noise. All of them have their own, unique voice. And all of them need a kick to both open and close. I like kicking stuff, but this is a bit ridiculous. 
Also, the light in the loo has developed a habit of flicking itself on for a heatbeat after it's turned off. If I didn't know better, I'd say this place is bloody haunted. 

One more reason to miss Mommy. 

In order to scare off any spirit (someone has actually died in this house, in a pool of blood, so at least I know whose spirit, if any, wonders), I make noise now. 
The bracelets came from my Mopey shopping spree. They match my favorite ring perfectly. 

In the background, last night's agenda. 
I knit a kid-sized wool sock from what I had left over after my kneehighs while watching both Conan-movies and drinking cider. 

Now, I'm going to make myself another dinner, and watch American Horror Story. 

Until next time. 

PS: Since I hardly ever go anywhere nice anymore, I figured I'd try to take more photos of outfits worn around the house. Prepare yourselves for the horror of makeupless Mopey Woman.


  1. That skirt is rather beautiful!! Very flattering! I find in difficult periods it is better to stay busy, and even when I haven't done any crafts or anything of a creative nature I tend to feel down and stressed about it. Creativity is a healer! :)

    1. Thanks, the skirt is really comfortable, too. I made it with viscose jersey to make sure it would never feel constricting.

      The power to create truly is a healer. And a healthy distraction before it gets around to clearing the blues.

  2. I do find sewing a good distraction, although it seems harder to get writing inspiration when everything is just bleh. I love the sparkly jumper and skirt, you look great!

    Is it a friendly spirit or a grumpy one?

    1. Writing's usually difficult for me too when I'm feeling down. This time, however, I've been working on an old project, and the friends met on the pages make me feel better. It's like a safe haven of bloodshed.

      I'm not sure if a spirit has taken residence in our house, but the presence I sometimes feel is a curious one, un-threatening. I hope i'm imagining it, though. Living in a haunted house would be a bit too much to handle :|

  3. I get that way too, when even my love of sewing does very little to wash away the melancholy.
    I also miss living with my mother, hehe.

    What helps me is to find something new to do, and go do it. It isn't that often that sewing doesn't help, and there's a plethora of different kinds of crafts to while away the time.

    1. I've been doing so much sewing lately I'm starting to drown in clothes. Good thing I have an order waiting for inspiration... It's true, though, sewing is a great source of energy. But enough is enough.

      Tonight, I shall play Oblivion!

  4. A safe haven of bloodshed, Mopey Woman... I do enjoy your sense of humour. :D

    1. Self-sarcasm - reserved for those days one's feeling, like, so emo :P


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