Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1 Theme: Sweaters

                          Sweater. Itchy, bulky, always too warm. 
That's what I remember from childhood. Mom used to make us wear those ill-fitting, over-sized sweaters from August to May, and I hated every second spent in them. 

As I learned to knit, the world of sweaters magically changed. I could use any kind of yarn, and make a pullover as fitting as I liked. 
During my years as a knitter, I've made several, but I've always been more of a cardigan-girl. Lately, though, I've knit three sweaters I thoroughly love. 

The first one is a raglan-sleeved top with a high collar. It's made with simple ribbed stitch and very light yarn. All in all it would be very basic, but I made it with a little trick. 
I wanted a top with a shorter front hem. A shrug-like pullover, so to speak. So I designed one. I knit mine in decadently delicious orange <3

The second one is fresh off the needles. I've developed a liking towards cables lately, and I wanted to try and turn a classic a bit more modern. 
For this one, I used recycled yarn (50% wool/50% cotton) which made the pullover warm and chunky. In a way, it reminds me of the dreaded childhood-sweaters since it is quite thick... but over the coming winter, I'm sure I will enjoy the warmth it offers, since our house is a bit on the chilly side. 
This sweater features a relatively open neck. To compensate, I knit a cowl to go with it. 

The last one is my absolute favorite. It's made with 100% cotton, and despite the very simple and straight-forward shape, it is both versatile and sexy. My favorite bit is the crochet edging, which gives the pullover a Victorian feel <3

The orange top and the open collared black pullover are available as a knitting patterns, and the black cabled sweater will soon follow, cowl and all. 

Turns out sweaters and pullovers don't need to be itchy and bulky. They can be soft, sleek, and very feminine. The childhood-nightmare has developed into a warm, kind friend, at least in my life <3