Wednesday, October 9, 2013

... and all I have is a cross-eyed puppet named...

So. Clubbing is a bit challenging when situated in the middle of nowhere. You want to go someplace to have a few pints and see a band, you need someone to drive you. 
And the distances are way long: the closest real bar is 20 kilometers away from our house. That would be no biggie, if there was such a thing as public transport, but no. No busses. 
Not complaining, though. I'm not that much of a bar-fly after all. 
But it would be nice if going out was a bit less difficult. 

On Saturday, though, we ventured out. Bravely. My sisters-in-law wanted to see Turmion Kätilöt, and they needed someone to drive them, plus one husband, all the way to Seinäjoki, which is "just" 65 kilometers away... so Husband was kind enough to sigh, and hop behind the wheel. 

I hadn't even heard of the band before, so I had to listen to a few tracks before we left. It was OK, not mind-blowingly fantastic, but not horrible, either. A bit like Rammstein, only in Finnish. And not that good. 

So I got to wear clothes for a change. And for the first time ever, I wore black lipstick outside the privacy of my own yard. Yikes! 

Top, skirt: Second Hand
Corselet: Heather Wielding Original

I chose a very simple outfit consisting of a mesh top, a simple corselet, and a chiffon skirt. It was a nice enough choice, comfortable on the long ride to and from the bar, and not-that-noticeable at the bar. The only thing worth complaining is that the skirt is a bit too long, even with platforms, and kept catching my heels and tripping me. Didn't fall down, though, not once! :D

The gig was alright, a bit boring in its repetitiveness, but not complete murder. 

The background of the outfit photo is the corner of our living room, which I keep meaning to take photos of, but something always keeps getting in the way. Anyways, we have, like, a table and a huge window and Husbands pet tree has more room and is starting to look well again after a long spell of wilting. 
Also, we have a mess. I made it. I'm good at making a mess. 

So. The house. We've lived here for many months now, and I'm starting to feel a little less misplaced. I'm thoroughly enjoying my sewing room/office, and Husband's doing his best to make sure I have everything I need. Food and warmth, that is :P 

And there's one more thing about the house I really-really like. Husband isn't too fond of it, though... 

GrandMa's got a cat. He used to belong to the sister-in-law whose family lived here before us, but the cat got left behind to keep GrandMa company. 
His name is Igor, though I like to call him Iikoriparka, kultakissa. 

If I weren't allergic, I'd claim him as my own. 

So. Until next time.


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