Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My New Room

Hi, it's me again. Lazy blogger reporting for duty. 
So. Since last time, I've kicked out Dragons, arranged most of my stuff, knitted more than I could ever have imagined possible O_o and finished decorating My New Room. 
Let's take a look at it! 

I planned to show the whole house on one go, but that would result in a humongous photo-spam, so let's take it one room at a time. 

As we decided to move here, Husband said he refuses to live with me if I don't have a proper working area. That's why My Room was the first room to get a serious make over. 
I wanted it calm and relaxing, a zen-place for me to create. 
I think I did a bang-up job with it. 

The color scheme is... black, white and grey. Surprisingly. My dream of painted wood floors didn't come to be, but the floor I got is pretty cool, too. 
To get my computer table to go with the room, I painted it black. 

The cover for Dragons hangs above my computer desk so I can stare at it while I write.

On the opposite wall, my sewing machines sit in perfect harmony. Now I have room to make wide, wide hems! 
My niece gave me that pink heart. So it deserves a place on the wall. I'm loved!

When we were painting the room, I figured we' have to do the door as well. 
But we sorta forgot, as strange and impossible as it might seem. The door remained as it was, with signatures of people I've never met. 
Instead of starting with the paint again, and risking ruining my cool new floor, I printed pin ups off the internet, and taped them to the door. Works just fine, and I have pretty girls to hang with :D

In the cupboard, my fabrics. And in the corner, sadly gathering dust, my guitar.  

The mirror came from a flea market. It's got a little scratch on it, but otherwise it's perfect.

 One of the first things I hung on the wall, were socks my GrandMother made. She died when I was sixteen. She used to knit us a socks for Christmas, and when she died, we just sorta wore out the pairs we had, and forgot we'd never get new ones. 
But I found a pair from Mom's closet, claimed it mine, and saved it. 
Now they hang on my wall, reminding me of Gran. 

I also have a view. Which consists mainly of a roof. But there's a nice field (with cows!) behind, and plenty of forest. It's nice, but nicer still are my curtains. White lace from a flea market. 
Also, I have a dragon in my room, resting around the mirror. 
I'm still hoping it will come to life some day. 

This is where I work. In a great big house. 
In the country. 

Next time, maybe an outfit since we're going shopping on Friday. 



  1. It's the perfect place to create! I like your nice big sewing table. :D

    I laughed when I read your husband said he refused to live with you unless you had a proper working area. I was going to claim a spare bedroom in the new house to work, but my husband said he didn't want all that stuff sitting out all the time. So I'll be working out in the garage once it's built! LOL

    1. Cheers :) The big table's practical, too, with its long benches: I won't have to get a new chair in case I get wider...

      I think you should, in a very sneaky fashion, take over a spare bedroom. Hide your things in cupboards and closets, and then when its time to start with the garage workspace, bat your lashes and say "but I already have a room to work in", That way, everybody ends up happy :P

  2. Aivan ihanan ompeluhuoneen oot saanu! Kätevää kun on tilaa ommella niin että sekä saumuri että ompelukone on samalla pöydällä :)

    1. Kiitos, minäkin pidän huoneesta aika paljon <3

      Pitkä pöytä on tosi kätevä, opin kotona asuessa siihen, että ompelukone ja saumuri olivat vierekkäin yhdellä pitkällä pöydällä ja on kyllä ollut ikävä. Ihan ei samaan päästy, mutta melkein sentään :)


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