Friday, July 19, 2013


Summer come, summer go, what does Heather do?
Well, she pretty much sits at her computer, writing or playing Oblivion.

I'm not a summer person. It's too warm, and everyone's acting all HYPER, like they need to do everything they dreamed of during the long winter months in just six weeks. 
 Which is why I like to hide when summer comes. Wake me up in October, please. 

So. We've been renovating the house. Or husband has been. I've mostly been in charge of being in the way. Which I am very good at. It's almost done, my studio is lacking new floor (picked out, will be laid out on Saturday, we hope) and the temporary bedroom needs... what? Husband said something, but I forgot. Must have been cleaning up, or what-not. 
We'll be moving in by the end of July. 
And then we'll be living next to GrandMa who likes to bake. I'm going to be SO fat :| 

Today, we went shopping. Husband needed something for the car and... a... umm... electric-thingie? Wires go in, wires come out? Jakorasia? What's that in English? Anyways, flea markets were close, so we went. To many. Like, at least three. Olives. 
Should watch Iron Man again, I like Iron Man. 

I woke up a bit early today, after five hours of sleep. Which is why I trail. 
Shopping. I wore clothes. 
It's been dreadfully cold here this week, and so I chose to wear a knit dress Mom got me before Christmas. Turned out a really good choice: it was warm outside, but not too warm inside. I even got a surprising compliment on it from an older lady :D

Dress: Seppälä
Shoes: Demonia
Hotpants and Top (hiding under the dress): Heather Wielding Originals

 Since my outfit was all dark and a bit heavy, I chose a light make-up. 
In pink. 
I'm not a big fan of pink, but sometimes it's ok. 

would you believe i just turned 36?
 I bought myself a top. A stripy top by H&M. In size XS. Looks brand new, and I paid 0,50€ for it. Very happy, I don't have anything stripy at the moment. 
Husband found toe socks for himself, and I had to post them. They're too cute, with a smiley face on each toe :D

I also found a ball of my favourite yarn which has, sadly, been discontinued. The substitute, Rose, is absolute garbage, so I buy every ball of Rose Mohair I find. This mustardy-tone has been haunting me for a while... I've looked at it, turned it over in my hands countless times, and always settled for something less... mustardy. 
Today, I took the risk, and bought it. I'm guessing this ball wants to be a pair of long, impractical gloves.  

And then... you know how you never know what you'll find at flea markets? Like, sometimes you find nothing, and sometimes you stumble into gold? 
Today, I saw a bundle on a low shelf. I leaned in for a closer look, saw a mess of yarn, and a price tag. 2€. 
I turned the bundle over and over and over, got up, and left it thinking I have enough yarn. I walk for 10 meters, and I literally hear the yarn crying. 
I had to go back and get it. 

At home, I emptied the bag, and found five full balls of green acryl/mohair-blend, one full ball of the same in pink, three full balls of cotton and a selection of odd mystery-yarns. 
For 2€!! I'm still catching flies over this.

 And then I dug up a satin duvet-cover (again) which I'll be using for a kimono-robe and jammy-pants once we've moved and my new studio is up and running. Soon, I hope, I'm bored with painting.

So. That's all for today. Hopefully, I'll get to give you the Grand Tour next time =)



  1. I agree with you completely. What's so great about summer, and being all hot and sticky. Yech.

    You heard the yarn crying, did you? You have very sensitive ears! ;o)

    I can hardly wait to see your new studio! I feel like I'm going into withdrawal over not sewing or crafting myself. I don't want to do anything because I just have to clean up my mess immediately, just in case somebody's coming to look at the house! Boooo.....

    1. Knit me, knit me, it cried, just like the plant in the little shop of horrors. The yarn is silent now, though, as I shared my plans with it.

      Yarn and books are my best friends... :P

      I can't wait to see my studio finished, either! I hope it'll be soon, though it'll take a lot of interior design before it's actually done... but that's just moving furniture around and arranging twigs into jars so it doesn't really count, and I will show the work in progress just as soon my desk is painted and set to place... I hope you get yours back soon, too, it's a right pain to be kept from creating :(


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