Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Professor's Monthly Homework: Polkadots!

First, a confession. 
I'm not that big on polkadots. They sorta give me a little bit of a headache with their organized lines and, usually, bright colors. 
On Monday, though, I found a polkadot-something-something I couldn't say no to. 

I tend to shop at flea markets quite a lot, and on Monday, I had something to dig up. Fabrics, that is. Found them, and also the little something-something for Me. It was a very nice, once-worn black mesh top. With velvet polkadots. 
What could I do but carry it to the cash register and say "I'd like this, please". 

It was so nice I wore it the next day for more shopping. 
Washed it first, of course, but mesh dries fast. 
I was feeling 80s on Tuesday morning, so I paired the top with a nice skirt I got from a friend when we first swapped clothes, and a corset-top I made a few summers ago. And my hat. 
Got complimented on it, which was surprising, and threw me off my guard so that all I could do was utter aww, thanks :D 

Anyways. The morning was very morning-y, and we took pics after returning home. Snapshot-session went as usual, and since usable shots pretty much shone with their absence, I figured I'd share the outtakes. Just for laughs =)

"Would you take, like, nice ones, with me smiling and all? With, like, my whole face showing? At least partially? And please wait until I finish fidgeting with my hair."

"Should I pose and stuff? How do  I pose with arms this long? Can I hide them behind my back? Or should I do something to make them appea even longer?"

"Are you sure you're taking my picture and not just toying with the camera?"

"OK, I'll do a pose like those models do in the magazines I never... WHAT'S THAT NOISE!!!"

"Are you sure you didn't hear a noise? I heard a noise, it was there, I know! It was a burglar or ... a... a bear? Mouse rattling outside? Surely something very dangerous we should immediately investigate upon!!"

"OK, I'm bored now, but take one more with the lacing in the back showing, OK? Got it?  No? What do you mean 'what lacing', the lacing in the back!"
That's the way it goes in my house... :D
But the top is nice, and I have suddenly learned to like polkadots. 
At least when it's black on black :D



  1. Very cool top (the whole outfit actually suits you really well!)! And exactly the same proble I have with posing for pictures. I always have awkward arms and strange grimasses. And worst of all is the command "Smile naturally!"... ;)

    1. Thanks, I found the outfit surprisingly comfortable, too, given that I don't usually do the 80s- thing :)

      Glad to know I'm not alone with the "camera! pointed at me! what do I do!!"-problem :D

  2. Heh, I love the 4th photo-- the caption totally makes it =D

    What a find! You look beautiful in it. =)
    I've been searching for something exactly like that, but never had such luck as yours.

    1. Cheers :) Flea markets are strange places, they offer exactly what you aren't really looking for when you don't really need it. If you go in search of something, you won't find it. Which is why I love them so much <3

      ... and I really heard a noise when Husband took the 4th picture :D

      ... and I had to delete the first reply I made 'cause it had many, many typos in it...

  3. What a perfect top!!! I love patterns that are "hidden" in velvet or mesh, they really add drama and fun to an outfit without SCREAMING at you! Thanks for participating ... and you look gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Professor :) It was a fun challenge, can't wait for next month's homework :)


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