Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Professor's Monthly Homework: Polkadots!

First, a confession. 
I'm not that big on polkadots. They sorta give me a little bit of a headache with their organized lines and, usually, bright colors. 
On Monday, though, I found a polkadot-something-something I couldn't say no to. 

I tend to shop at flea markets quite a lot, and on Monday, I had something to dig up. Fabrics, that is. Found them, and also the little something-something for Me. It was a very nice, once-worn black mesh top. With velvet polkadots. 
What could I do but carry it to the cash register and say "I'd like this, please". 

It was so nice I wore it the next day for more shopping. 
Washed it first, of course, but mesh dries fast. 
I was feeling 80s on Tuesday morning, so I paired the top with a nice skirt I got from a friend when we first swapped clothes, and a corset-top I made a few summers ago. And my hat. 
Got complimented on it, which was surprising, and threw me off my guard so that all I could do was utter aww, thanks :D 

Anyways. The morning was very morning-y, and we took pics after returning home. Snapshot-session went as usual, and since usable shots pretty much shone with their absence, I figured I'd share the outtakes. Just for laughs =)

"Would you take, like, nice ones, with me smiling and all? With, like, my whole face showing? At least partially? And please wait until I finish fidgeting with my hair."

"Should I pose and stuff? How do  I pose with arms this long? Can I hide them behind my back? Or should I do something to make them appea even longer?"

"Are you sure you're taking my picture and not just toying with the camera?"

"OK, I'll do a pose like those models do in the magazines I never... WHAT'S THAT NOISE!!!"

"Are you sure you didn't hear a noise? I heard a noise, it was there, I know! It was a burglar or ... a... a bear? Mouse rattling outside? Surely something very dangerous we should immediately investigate upon!!"

"OK, I'm bored now, but take one more with the lacing in the back showing, OK? Got it?  No? What do you mean 'what lacing', the lacing in the back!"
That's the way it goes in my house... :D
But the top is nice, and I have suddenly learned to like polkadots. 
At least when it's black on black :D


Saturday, June 8, 2013

I shall fix it with my hammer!

As I mentioned a week ago, Husband's family owns a house. It's old, and in pretty bad shape. 
So we rushed to the rescue. Home improvement, here we go! 

It's a two-sided house, and Husband's GrandMa lives on one side. 
It was thought that the bathroom of the house was rotten through, but as Husband bravely ventured under the tiles, he found it dry. There's a small closet next to the bathroom, and in there, he found a few wet boards. Which he removed, carefully (not) and will replace. Or something, I didn't pay that close attention to such petty details. I mean, what's a closet when there's actual rooms to decorate. 

I helped by taking down panels that crowded the living room. 
With my crowbar. 
In the battle of woman vs. wood, woman won. 
And got her abs all sore. 

And then. 
There's two rooms upstairs. One will be the master bedroom, and the other My Studio. The two are connected by a walk-in closet, which is a little detail that got me pretty much jumping to the roof. 

But the thing is. 
At some point, the roof was altered so that the room which will be My Studio got more height. And the roof leaked. 
It was fixed, but no-one bothered to rip the ceiling open, and let it dry. So we got mold. 

Luckily, the house is a bit wonky, so air's been going in and out throughout the years, and the mold was actually located on ceiling boards (which were tossed out the window) isolation (which was tossed out the window) and one beam (which will be tossed out the window). So that's sorted. 
Only Husband found we need to fix the roof rather quickly, so we decided to give the house a year, see how it feels, and if it feels good, we'll re-do the roof next spring. 
Pretty scary. I'm starting to feel like a grown-up :|

There's a tree growing next to the house. An old, wise birch tree. It's been there forever, probably since the house was built. 
It's good to know it's watching over us. 

So. Everything that needs to be ripped out has been ripped out. Part from the beam in the roof. 
Next step, shopping for isolation and plywood and planks for the floor. 
I have decided I want painted wood floors in My House. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Very Nice Things

I figured I'd save this outfit for the Red & Black & White-challenge, but... it's far away, the pics aren't that good, and I need to vent. 

Last Wednesday, we had a girls' night. All of us cleared out our closets, took the clothes and things we no longer wear, met at a friend's house, got high on sugar and tea, spilled our belongings onto the floor, and took what we liked so that everyone went home with something new. It was the second time we did this, and it was much, much fun. I highly recommend this to everyone, it's like Christmas :D 

I got a long viscose jersey cardi-sort of a thing, and was super-happy since I've been looking for something similar for a really long time. And then, this girl whose house we were at, comes out of her bedroom, looking all sad and sort of resigned, and she's holding a skirt. A perfect, corset-waisted tartan skirt. I see it from across the room, and shriek and run to it. 
It was Phaze's punk-dream, and I wore it to the club on Friday. 
Love-love-love it <3

The reason I was given this skirt, is that I will know how to appreciate it, and will give it a good, loving home. 
All clothes have a good home with me <3

Skirt; Phaze
Petticoat & top: Heather Wielding Original
Shoes & Wristband: Second hand
So. ClubB52. On Friday. A band husband's known for ages was playing. Nitroforce 9. They played when we got engaged, so they're sort of Our Band. Some people have songs, we have an entire band :P 
Anyways, we had a bit of a rocky start to the night out, since we had to wait for our driver for, like, ever, and I got all antsy thinking we'd miss the gig, but they didn't start 'til 1am so we made it fine. 

Nitroforce9 plays good old party-rock'n'roll, and does it pretty well. They just released their debut album ('bout time, if you ask me :D) and were celebrating it at the club. It was really nice, the house was full, but not to the rim, and they played a nice, long set. 

Listening to Nitroforce 9 pretty much culminates to just staring, with your mouth hanging open, because their singer is just AMAZING. He's pretty, and has just an incredible voice. So if you like rock'n'roll, check them out. 

I meant to write an actual review about the gig, but I have more to share. 

So, anyway, on Friday, I had a hair-crisis, and realized I could wear my zigzag-hair-band-thing again. Yay!

grin, grin, grin
Someone's a bit overwhelmed with all the love pouring on

Also wore shoes, nice ones. 

Shoes: Twice, second hand
Who knew Twice made shoes this pretty

And then the reason why I felt the need to vent. 
Husband just came home. His family owns a house, like 4km from where we live now. It's old, and in pretty bad condition. Everyone thought it had mold, so no-one wanted to touch it. It's a two-sided house, and husband's GrandMa lives on one side. The other was occupied by his sister and her family. Up until Y-day. We'd figured we might take a look at it, re-do the bathroom (where the mold was thought to be) and the isolation, and the roof, and the interior, and everything. So husband went over, took out some tiles in the bathroom to see how bad it was, and... 
Well, it looked clean. No moisture, no mold. He found some wet boards in a closet next to the bathroom, but nothing else. 

So we're going to do the isolation, and interior, post-pone the roof for a year or two, and move in. To a house. In the country. 
To a house complete with GrandMa and cat. 

Yikes and yay and a bigger yikes. But in a good way. 

Funny how after a really bad time things are starting to look really cool <3