Monday, May 27, 2013

WGD 2013, aka Home Alone

WGD came and went. As usual, I nearly missed it. 
Last year, I noted it was GothDay @ 10PM. This year, I realized what day it was at 10AM. So next year, I'll remember the day before :D 

I didn't have anything planned. Thought I'd just spend the day vegging out on the sofa, maybe play a bit of Oblivion or watch a movie. 
And since I thought it was 23rd instead of 22nd, everything got messed up. 

I had a customer coming over on Wednesday. So I woke up, had a shower, turned my computer on, and realized my mistake. Couldn't full well just ignore the day, so I chose to at least look pretty. 
Husband was out, and I was lazy, so I couldn't manage an outfit-photo. 
I wore a long, velvet skirt and a really nice fishnet-top I got from a friend. 
And jewelry. 
I don't wear jewelry around the house much: when sewing, it gets caught in fabric making things irritating and difficult. On Wednesday, I chose to defy the threat of snagging. 

Black ring: second hand
Pinkie ring: Random loot
Bracelet: Ninja
With the customer, we designed a nice outfit, and then I got to chill. 
But instead of playing, I started sewing. 
Corduroy and velvet don't match too good... after a day of snipping and serging, I was covered in purple flint :D
My little steampunk-inspired jacket turned out nice, though. Next, I'll get to turn it into a tutorial ;)

After husband had popped in to make sure I had eaten (which of course I hadn't, I forget petty things like that when I'm busy), I decided I needed a relaxing, entirely gothy sauna. 
After, I was combing my hair, and realized I could finally do something to make it look a little bit nicer. So I turned the ends out, and forced out most of the waves. I liked it, the little change made my hair look a bit longer and less messy. 
Husband came home later, and said "How come your hair's looking so pretty" 
so I consider this a Win :D

So that was my Goth Day 2013. Pretty lame-ass. 
Maybe I'll do better next year :D

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