Sunday, May 12, 2013

Noumena @ B52

Noumena celebrated their new album and 15 years in metal by playing a gig @ B52 in Ähtäri. That happened May 10th, 2013.
I went, I enjoyed the gig, I drank too much beer and tripped in the stairs coming out. Yay. 

Noumena was formed in 1998 in Ähtäri. Their new album, Death Walks With Me, was released in April under their own label. DWWM offers us melodic, doom inspired death metal, and introduces a new member to the band. 
It's been about a year since I first saw Suvi Uura sing with Noumena, and on Saturday, she really proved herself as a singer. Not only does she kick ass with her angelic voice, she growls like a demon from Hell, too. 

If you're not familiar with the band, I suggest you check them out. 
Here's their latest video, Sleep. 

As mentioned before, I went to the bar. 
It's always a bad idea to make me go to the nightclub here... I'm not a huge fan of the place, so I compensate by having too many pints. 
I figured Saturday would be no exception to the rule of "morons fill the club", but I was mistaken. An ice-hockey match kept morons at home, and the club was blissfully crowded with metal heads. They even played metal all night, so I wasn't that ticked off. 
Actually had a nice time. 
Until I had too much beer and landed on my bum. 

I wore my Victorian-inspired satin skirt paired with a simple lace top and a leather corselet. 
I make. 
For footwear, I settled for my sensible Vagabond heels. 

Taking photos via a mirror is generally not a good idea, but... well, we postponed (why? I don't know) taking pics until we got home, and I don't look presentable in those shots :D 
Had to settle for the snapshots I took before going out. 

So. The "falling down the stairs"-episode. 
Outside the club, there's two flights of stairs. Concrete stairs. I looked at them, swaying a bit, and very calmly, in a collected fashion, descended. Step by step, slowly and surely, until there was five steps left. At that point, I made the mistake of sighing "I made it", my concentration broke, my ankle twisted, I stepped on my skirt, and fell on my butt, and then there was two men at my arms, helping me up and carefully escorting me to the car. 
How embarassing. 

Anyways. I promise more outfits-photos in the future. Until then, listen to Noumena. 


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