Friday, April 26, 2013

Explosions in Windows-Land

About two months ago, I switched from Ubuntu to Windows. 
Lucid Lynx to XP. 
Everything went fine for a while. Of course, I had to install twice because of a .dll-error, but that happens. Played Oblivion and Skyrim (didn't like Skyrim, too playstation) and enjoyed having everything so easy. 

Well, this morning, I turn on my computer and get a black screen. 

I was, like, WTF, if you catch my drift. 

Google to the rescue, turns out it's a major something-something. Virus or humongous error or what-not. 

If I had hard liquor in the house, I would have spiced up my coffee. 

Looks like the only solution is re-installing Windows. Yay. 

I'm remembering now why I don't really care for Windows. Sure, it's easy to use and easy to install and everything is compatible, but... it eats things it's not supposed to eat and explodes. 

I've got loads of stuff on my harddrive in dear need of rescuing. Not very happy right now. 

Guess I won't be playing Oblivion on my own computer any more. Or anything else for that matter, other than Mahjongg. Back to Lucid Lynx for me, thank you very much, Windows. 

If liveCD can't help me rescue my files, I get to re-do a months worth of work. So unbelievably happy. 

EDIT Sunday, April 28th

Managed to salvage all my important files from windows. Installed Lucid Lynx, updating it as I write, and everything's fine again. Feels like I can trust my computer again. With windows, there was a constant "what if it'll crash"- cloud hanging on my head. 

Maybe I can get some work done now, and actually get some tutorials published next week :D

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