Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Look, I'm smiling! :D

Lately, things don't irritate me as much any more. Funny how much getting rid of something negative does to you :D 

Anyways. Yesterday, we went shopping! 
Didn't find much, but I though I'd share an outfit photo for a change. 
And ramble on incoherently for a while... 

So. Shopping. With friends. And husband. 
One of our new friends here in the middle of nowhere, is a Spanish girl. She's a dance instructor at an adult education center, and since I've been sorta gagging to instruct a course, too, she took me there, and showed me around a bit, and pointed toward a lady who manages courses. 
I talked to the lady a bit, with a big smile and not much sense, and she said she might get back to me. 

Before, I would have been out of my mind with dread over the meeting, but now I was just a bit nervous. It was so nice, being able to smile and chat <3

And I wore clothes. 
Had a reason to dress up for a change, to show off my mad skills. 
Skirt, waist corselet, hat: Heather Wielding Originals
Top: Only, second hand

The hat I wore is way old... I got it when I was in high-school (still don't know how lukio translates exactly), wore it a couple of times, and forgot it in my closet.
After a few years, I found it, dusted it off, and turned it purdier. 
I've been thinking about updating it a bit, but... well, I've been a bit preoccupied :D 

Lovely mess in the background, sorry... 

Bookwise, Dragons is, for a change, coming out nicely. Not long to go, I've already written the ending, and now I'm just filling in some gaps. 
I'm getting a wicked-cool cover for it, too. My sister-in-law's making it <3 

Oh, and I came up with a really cool idea! 
I know there are a lot of craftsy people out there, and some who want to get their hands dirty with altering clothes and stuff, but don't know where to begin. To help them along, I'm thinking... tutorials! 
Simple, illustrated tutorials for quick, easy projects for a small compensation. Love it? I do! 


  1. Love your outfit - and that hat!! You look happy. :o)

    I think tutorials are a great idea! And I didn't realize you were writing a book. How cool!

    1. Thanks, I'm feeling pretty happy <3

      Books... I've written quite a few now, and published seven (eight? I forget) via smashwords :P


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