Tuesday, February 5, 2013


As faithful followers may know, my service provider decided to close down all it's webshops, including mine. 
I wasn't devastated, merely irritated. 
I was reluctant to start over again: putting up shop takes a long time, and taking care of it is a big time-eater, too. 
To make things easier for me, I decided to go to etsy.com. 

I own my own domain, so I couldn't just leave it unused. So I needed a new website. 
I took a course on XHTML once, and I dare say I know something about it. Not much, but a little. Enough to imagine I can make an entire site on my own :D 

I tried it, realized I was in over my head, and realized there's free templates on the web. I found one I liked, downloaded it, and had fun customizing it to suite my personal taste. 
It turned out really nice, I like it, but getting it to go live gave me a few more white hairs... 
I'd thought our internet provider offers server space. Sadly, I was mistaken. When the site was done, and it was time to upload, I realized I had nowhere to put it to! 

At that point, I started getting a bit devastated :D 

Luckily, I found freeserver (or something similar, I forget, sorry), and after that, everything went smoothly. 
I just got my cool new website up and running! Yay! 

New links. 
You can find me on etsy.com
My website is not a shop anymore, but more of a personal portfolio. You can find it here

I also ventured out to tumblr. I needed a place to just share outfits, and tumblr seemed like the perfect place. 
So you can find my tumblr blog (just started, it's got, like, one post, more will come) here

What a lot of information... 

Last weekend, was it, I think, I forget, we had a bit of a photo-shoot. 
Outside! In the blistering cold! :D 

Here's a few outtakes. You'll find purdier shots on links above ;) 

Wind. Wind was not my friend. 

Umm... like... pose? What's that? 

Take a picture where I'm, like, SO EMO,  k thanks bai.
... and can U focus in my armpit? 

It's flipping cold, can we go back inside nao? pls? 

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