Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm not really into winter. I get cold really easily, so i pretty much thaw up come August, and melt in May. 
This i forgot on Saturday when we went on a wild shopping-spree. 

Winters have been quite mild lately, with temperatures of -10 Celsius. 
A week ago, though, winter let us have a taste of what cold truly is like. It was -11, which on it's own ain't that bad, like they say in Americaland. But on Saturday, we had a nice little breeze. 
 A blizard of ice, that is. I hardly ever check the weather before i get dressed, so i miscalculated a bit... 
Dress, legwarmers: H&M
Hat: Heather Wielding Original
Scarf: Queen Anne's Lace Scarf (ravlink)

The outfit was nice and comfy for shopping, but outside... i froze to the core before i even got to the car :D 
On days like that i'm super-happy we have our own sauna <3 

I was on a wicked Christmas-present-hunt, and got everything from the first store. After that, i could concentrate on Me for a change. 
It's been ages since i bought anything for myself... after checking, i can tell it's been, like, at least two weeks :D

I got a new pet. Named him Eduardo, and in the car on the way home, husband started calling him Bastardo :D

He's filled with sand. Eduardo, that is, not husband. He's really heavy and almost looks like a real lizard. 
Which serves as a substitute for getting a real one. I'd like a gecko, and husband wants an iguana, but we don't have the space right now, since Someone is filling the flat with yarn and fabrics and sewing machines... 

Also got myself a book. It's really old, and filled with nice crochet-patterns. I've been looking for something in this department for quite a while now, and was glad to find this one. 
Maybe now i can actually teach myself to design lace, not just follow patterns... :D 

Last but not least, an H&M top. 
I couldn't get the colour right, it's actually violet. 
Cotton with a pretty lace detail in the collar. Really nice, and it's hardly been worn. 
I like wearing tops like this at home: they're comfortable and decent, just in case someone pops around unannounced for coffee or a new dress. 

The lace looks like it's been crocheted by hand, but i don't think it actually has been. Still, it's a very pretty detail. 
Funny how the best tops come from H&M... 

Speaking of which, Mom promised me the best Christmas-prez ever today: she's taking me shopping! Yay! We're spending a few days here, at Mom's and Dad's that is, and she said that since i haven't made a wishlist and she doesn't really know what i'd like or need, she'll just let me go wild at H&M. 
Happiness equals basic tops and a few pairs of tights :D

In other news, my flu has finally passed. The last slob of ectoplasm's still roaming around in between throat and nose, but that's no biggie. I'm healthy again! Wuppee!! 

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