Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm not really into winter. I get cold really easily, so i pretty much thaw up come August, and melt in May. 
This i forgot on Saturday when we went on a wild shopping-spree. 

Winters have been quite mild lately, with temperatures of -10 Celsius. 
A week ago, though, winter let us have a taste of what cold truly is like. It was -11, which on it's own ain't that bad, like they say in Americaland. But on Saturday, we had a nice little breeze. 
 A blizard of ice, that is. I hardly ever check the weather before i get dressed, so i miscalculated a bit... 
Dress, legwarmers: H&M
Hat: Heather Wielding Original
Scarf: Queen Anne's Lace Scarf (ravlink)

The outfit was nice and comfy for shopping, but outside... i froze to the core before i even got to the car :D 
On days like that i'm super-happy we have our own sauna <3 

I was on a wicked Christmas-present-hunt, and got everything from the first store. After that, i could concentrate on Me for a change. 
It's been ages since i bought anything for myself... after checking, i can tell it's been, like, at least two weeks :D

I got a new pet. Named him Eduardo, and in the car on the way home, husband started calling him Bastardo :D

He's filled with sand. Eduardo, that is, not husband. He's really heavy and almost looks like a real lizard. 
Which serves as a substitute for getting a real one. I'd like a gecko, and husband wants an iguana, but we don't have the space right now, since Someone is filling the flat with yarn and fabrics and sewing machines... 

Also got myself a book. It's really old, and filled with nice crochet-patterns. I've been looking for something in this department for quite a while now, and was glad to find this one. 
Maybe now i can actually teach myself to design lace, not just follow patterns... :D 

Last but not least, an H&M top. 
I couldn't get the colour right, it's actually violet. 
Cotton with a pretty lace detail in the collar. Really nice, and it's hardly been worn. 
I like wearing tops like this at home: they're comfortable and decent, just in case someone pops around unannounced for coffee or a new dress. 

The lace looks like it's been crocheted by hand, but i don't think it actually has been. Still, it's a very pretty detail. 
Funny how the best tops come from H&M... 

Speaking of which, Mom promised me the best Christmas-prez ever today: she's taking me shopping! Yay! We're spending a few days here, at Mom's and Dad's that is, and she said that since i haven't made a wishlist and she doesn't really know what i'd like or need, she'll just let me go wild at H&M. 
Happiness equals basic tops and a few pairs of tights :D

In other news, my flu has finally passed. The last slob of ectoplasm's still roaming around in between throat and nose, but that's no biggie. I'm healthy again! Wuppee!! 

Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been poorly. 
I've had this really persistent flu for, like, at least almost two weeks now. 
I haven't had the energy to do anything, and of course there were tons of things to take care of. 
First, my sister-in-law asked me if i had time to make her a dress. I said of course, and two days later, i woke up with a head full of goo. 
Eww, but whachu gonna do. When you have to work, you have to work. 

So we went... shopping. For fabric, but there were a couple of flea markets close by, and i couldn't resist. Flu or no flu. 

Found a cute top from SPR, and since they had a "take two, pay one"-offer going on, i picked out a skirt, too. 

The skirt was in dreadful condition, the lining was torn, and someone had tried to modify it, and failed miserably. I felt so sorry for the skirt i decided to rescue it. 

I also found some yarn, elastic band and a pink fabric. It's going to be a short skirt, embroidered in black, gathered in the back, maybe with a bit of black tulle. 

Found the fabrics for sis's dress, too, but pics of black and white cotton are a touch boring. Did pick up something, though, i've been in dear need of. 

It's a thimbal!
No more sore fingertips after hand-sewing leather <3 

Going shopping, i felt really ill, as you can see from the obvious lack of make-up. I chose my favorite winter-top, and paired it with a red skirt. 

Top: Lindex, second hand
Skirt: Heather Wielding Original

As if that wasn't enough for a sick woman... the next day, i had an interview for a local newspaper. I cannot recall what i told the lady, my head was swimming so bad :D The story'll probably be out on Thursday... scary. 

So. For the next few days i pretty much just played Oblivion. Like, 12 hrs a day... 
... as mentioned before, i have a bit of an addictive personality. 
Nice game, though. I watched husband play it before, and when i began, i decided not to go the same way he did. He obeyed the law, followed the rules, made a hero, so to speak. 

I went the wicked way <3