Thursday, November 15, 2012

Love Has a Way of Changing...

Love is a funny thing: you think it'll last forever, to always remain constant, and one day, you look back, and realize the things you loved ten years ago are completely different from the things you love now. 
Sometimes love can change suddenly, with no warning. 
Sometimes the change creeps up on you, though you wish you could just hang on to the love you once had. 

On Saturday, i got to dig deep into my jewelry boxes, and wear anything and everything i wanted. I found things i loved years ago are still things of beauty and meaning for me, and decided to take this opportunity to wear them, and showcase them here. 

Husband gave me this collar. It was actually my engagement present. The wrist band i got from a salvation army flea market. They go together nicely, and as i was putting them on on the morning of my wedding day, husband's best man said he'd never-ever seen a bride wear anything like that before. 

I used to wear a tangle of silver chains on my left wrist, but as sewing took up more and more of my time, i gave them up. Getting myself caught up in fabric was not fun... This simple band had pretty much replaced the chains. It's big and chunky, and though it's not silver, i like the look and feel of it. 

I was born under the sign of the Snake. At one point, i was considering getting a snake tattoo around my left arm. 
These silver serpents are Creek, both gifts from my sister. 

Engagement and wedding bands should have a deep, special meaning, a story behind them. They should look like the couple, representing their souls. 
Ours are modest, simple silver bands. 
I didn't want gold and diamonds. It seemed wrong to me, to have a symbol of love and commitment measured in terms of money. 
Silver is more fitting. It's round shape is like love, everlasting, never-ending, enduring and humble. 

With love, walks life. 
To the Egyptian, the Ankh was a symbol of life. 
The Ankh is the key to open the door behind which the secret of life is hidden, they said. 

Love is a strange, funny thing, ever-changing, everlasting. 

I remember the first time i heard of Katatonia. 
We had just started trying out living together, husband and i, and he was teaching me how to play Heroes of Might and Magic III. He put on a CD, and it was Viva Emptiness. 
It took me a while to learn to like it, it had this vibe of death and loneliness i couldn't handle straight away. Soon, it grew on me, so to speak, and it's still one of my favorites. 

I've been gagging to see them Live for years now, and on Saturday, 10.11.2012, it finally happened. 

Satin skirt and corselet: Heather Wielding Originals
mesh top: UFF
Since i didn't much care for the new stuff, Dead End Kings and Night is the New Day, i had mentally prepared myself for a humongous disappointment. It was a good thing i had... i didn't get to hear my favorites, and the whole gig was a bit sterile for my taste. Not bad, but... well, no magic. It was like watching Sara after they decided to sell their souls along with their distortion pedals, and make pop. 
I had hoped Katatonia would take us away to that wondrous land called music-coma, but there was no bliss. Omerta tried to open the door, but for the most part, it remained closed. 

Love, still, remains. I don't think i'll ever stop loving Viva Emptiness. There's something so deliciously creepy about the atmosphere of the album, something that claims the muses of all creation were there when it was born. 

The gig left me sad, somehow. 

when all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams, will be destroyed


  1. ... what is this... in the course of two weeks, my hair got absolutely and positively out of control O_o It was nice and sleek in the end of October, and here... good lord :|

  2. Wow! You were probably to most kick-ass bride ever!
    And I love the serpent ring! I have recently started to get more into jewellery, which is a huge development! :D

    1. Thanks :) I don't know about the kick-ass-bit, my gown pretty much hid all the studs :D


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