Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday's outfit, Tuesdays woes

On Sunday, we went to Mother-in-law's for dinner. After being super-purdy all Saturday, i didn't feel like going all out, clothes-wise. I chose my favourite skirt, an H&M blouse, and a David&Goliat-tee i got from England-land ages ago. Not my usual outfit, a bit too casual for my frilly taste, but it was ok. 

sunnuntaina piti käydä anoppilassa syömässä
lauantaisen kauneusmaratonin jälkeen teki mieli laittaa mukavat vaatteet
päälle eksyi miun suosikkihame, H&Mn paitis sekä david&gotliathin teeppari'
vähän oli liiankin casual
I got sick of my old favourite bag, so i made a new one a while back. It's clutch-like, but there's a strap for carrying. A bit small, but fits wallet, keys, lipstick and cell, so it's good for going to the grocery store. But on longer shopping trips... well, let's just say i'm in need of a bigger one :D 

askartelin entisen suosikkilaukun tilalle uuden
miksikö? nokun soli ruma
uusi on vähän pieni, pitää hankkia isompi sille kaveriksi
 Since i had a bit of a hangover, i was pale as a ghost. 
Last time Mom saw me with a hangover, she first said "you look really pale", and i was like "thanks mom, that's the nicest thing you said to me in a long time", but she continued with "when was the last time you checked your hemoglobin" before i could utter a word. I was mighty ticked off, so i decided never to leave the house again without makeup. 

A touch of white shadow above the iris makes tired eyes look brighter. Black mascara is a given, and red lipstick makes you want to smile. 

valkoinen luomiväri piristää kummasti krapulaisia silmiä, ja punainen huulipuna houkuttelee hymyilemään
pieniä juttuja piristämään päivää :) 
So. Today i started editing the material gathered on Saturday, and i was not pleased. The totally hyper-cool Thing i had planned in my head totally fell on it's rear-end. I hate it when that happens... 
Anyways, must give it another go someday, right now i'm just going to watch Once Upon a Time, knit my shawl (which will probably fail just as miserably as the Thing) and mope. Dramatically! 

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