Monday, October 8, 2012

Saturday-night whachumacallit

Been a touch on the busy side again... my living room looks like a fabric-bomb went off :D 
Not complaining, though. Being busy means work, and work means i get to shop 'til i drop <3 

Which is basically pretty much what i've been doing... made an order to Uncle-Yves, despite the racket about animal testing. I like the brand, and the products, and i ain't going back to stinky shower gels and icky make-up just because a bunny may or may not suffer. 

Got lipstick. 
I ran out of plum, and despite my best efforts to find a matching one (went to one shop, and gave up), i couldn't come up with one. So i took what Yves Rocher had to offer. 
It's not the deep, moody plum i was hoping for, but a lighter shade with pink undertones. In the case, it looks dreadfully girly, but the tone changed a bit after applying. 

piti ostaa uutta huulipunaa
SetäYves to the rescue! 

 I don't wear much make-up... which pretty much destroys my hopes of doing a make-up post :D 
We went out on Saturday, to check out a friends' cover band, Nancy's Bootleg. It was OK, golden oldies pretty much. Great fun when a bit tipsy, but not the sort you listen to at home. 

So i got a chance to try the new lippy on. 
Look how beautifully i trail off the subject... 
No foundation. As usual. I can't find the right shade, plus i have a tendency of rubbing my forehead when i have to concentrate on what i'm saying. So me wearing foundation would result in a huge mess before i even got out the door :D 

Eye-shadow i like, though. 
On Saturday, i made a pink smoky-eye. I like the way shades of pink and purple work with blue eyes, making them look sick and alluring at the same time... 
I've never been the sort to go with heavy, gothic make-up, though i love the way it looks. I just can't pull it off myself. 
... and this look is much easier when living in a small town. No-one is intimidated by it. 

käytän harvoin raskasta meikkiä
huulipuna-ripsiväri-combo riittää useimpina päivinä

I was even brave enough to wear earrings. 
From afar, they look like goat's heads, but they're really fat li'l cupids :P 

läskit pienet enkelit <3

 After a long day of sewing (finished work @ 7pm!!) i didn't feel like making a spectacle of myself, especially since we were going to a small bar in a small town where everyone knows each other, except me. 
I picked out a simple long skirt, and paired it with a mesh top and a corselet. 
And a strapless bra, way to go me! 
No-one looked at me funny. Which was nice. 

skirt, corselet: Heather Wielding Originals
shoes: chopped from old boots, decorated with lace and old earrings :D
meshtop: UFF

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