Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roll out those lazy, crazy hazy days of...

I had a bit of a "bad day" Y-day. 

I got an order a while back, on an outfit consisting of a puff-sleeved blouse, waist corselet, and a skirt. Black skirt. So i ordered fabrics in, and got quite antsy when the shipment was slow. 
Finally, the fabrics came, leaving me eight days for sewing. 
Not bad. 
So i washed the fabrics, made the corselet, and took Sunday off. 
On Monday, i woke up at 1pm, did a bit of writing, took out the fabrics, and got the nastiest surprise in a long time. 

tasan ei käyneet onnenlahjat maanantaina
tilasin asiakasta varten mustaa puuvillaa
puuvilla oli luonnonvalossa tummansinistä, enkä huomannut sitä ennenkuin viisi päivää ennen deadlinea

It was blue. Dark blue. 
I was not happy. 

meni naama ruttuun

So, whatchu gonna do. 
Sent out an email to the company who sent me blue fabric instead of black, and they replied, saying they'd replace it with a correct one. 
Nice, but i needed it NAO. 
So i told husband we have to go, GO NAO, SHOP! (my vocabulary drops dramatically when i panic :D ) 

We hopped on the trusty steed, and raced to the nearest fabric store. Which is 50 km away. 
At this point, it was 3:15pm, and i didn't know how long the store stayed open. 

ei ollut paljoa vaihtoehtoja
vaatteet päälle ja lähimpään kangaskauppaan
ei, sonkin nissani
 I got what i needed, and thought, since i figured my client would need compensation (for what? situation handled, and she need not know a thing, only i didn't realize it in the fit of crazy panic-shopping), i'd also pick up material for a lining, plus a bit of red tulle. 

kangaskaupasta löytyi tarvittava
lisäksi mukaan lähti kangas alushameeseen, ja pala punaista tylliä
 On the way, we stopped at a flea-market. 
I found a pretty ring. 
For fifty cents. 

matkan varrella oli kirppa
kirpalla oli kiva sormus
nyt on HWlla kiva sormus :)

There was another flea-market there, too. 
Of course we had to go there. 
And of course they had the exact fabric i needed, and had already bought. 
Couldn't leave it there, though. 
There's always use for black cotton! :D

oli toinenkin kirppa, SPRn kirppa
kirpalla oli juurikin sitä kangasta jota lähdin hakemaan :D

So at first i was, like, huh? 
olin että häh
 And then i was, like, yay! 
sitten alkoi naurattaa

Made the blouse after dinner. 
Turned out nice, and it was nice to make, too. 

ruuan jälkeen oli vielä aikaa ommella asiakkaan paita

On the way to the shops, husband said it was good that the roads weren't yet icy, since he hadn't had time to put winter tyres on. 
This morning, when i woke up (at 10), i saw winter had come. 

sanoi mies matkalla, että hyvä kun ei ollut tiet jäässä, on meinaan kesäkiekot vielä alla
aamulla kun heräsin, oli talvi tullut
Today is Wednesday, and i finished the outfit Y-day. 
Client just popped by to pick it up. She tried it on, and it was perfect <3
I love it when i get to see i made someone happy <3 <3 <3

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