Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

So on Wednesday i made the sort of mistake i sometimes make. A silly little one, nothing to worry about, just something that throws me off my game for a while. Sometimes good things come out of these mishaps, i'm hoping that's the case with this one, too. 

On Wednesday, husband went to bed early. We usually go to bed at the same time, and take his laptop with so we can watch an episode or two of whatever series we're currently watching. When i'm left behind, i usually read, or pick out a chick-flick, like NBK or Fight Club :D

On Wednesday, i decided to give Once Upon a Time a go. 

So, since Wednesday i've been watching Once Upon a Time, and if i haven't been watching Once Upon a Time, i've been thinking about watching Once Upon a Time. I've gotten absolutely, positively nothing done all week :D 
Except a pair of socks and mitts, since i can't watch TV without knitting. 

havaitsin keskiviikkona, että on toi once upon a time ihan sillee  ok
on pitänyt vahdata siinä määrin aktiivisesti, etten oo saanut aikaan juuri muuta kuin parin sukkia ja lapasia

Lucky they've only made one and a half seasons so far... otherwise i'd be in deep trouble. 

Anyways. Halloween is coming, and, watching Once Upon a Time, i figured i'd give a new idea a go. I don't want to tell yet what it is, but it included me outside looking like this. 

lauantaina piti tehdä juttu, jonka toivon valmistuvan Halloweeniksi
piti loikkia ulkona-pihalla kumman näköisenä
kaikkea sitä

Funfilled day ;D
I also got to roll around in the snow a bit. 
Yes, winter has come. Snow everywhere. I'm hoping it'll stay on the ground... it's so pretty when everything is white and sparkly <3 

So, after the fun with snow and make-up was over, we went over to our neighbours' to eat and have a few drinks. 
I wore a dress i recently made, but haven't had the chance to show. 

lauantaina käytiin myös naapurissa syömässä ja juomassa
päälle pääsi vastikään valmistunut mekko, joka ei yllättäin ole musta
oli outo olo

It's not black. Which made me feel... strange. I haven't worn anything that bright since i was on second grade :D
The dress is viscose jersey, it's got puff-sleeves and a gap in the neck. My design, it's going to be a part of my "made-to-measure"- section once i get that sorted on my website. 
One more thing to distract me from Dragons... 
Anyways. Dress. Orange dress. 

The high collar has button closure in the back, and underneath, a gap. Since the dress is quite simple, and covers you from neck to toe to wrist, i wanted to add a playful way to show some skin. 

mekon niskassa on aukko ja napitus
mekko kokonaisuudessaan pääsee verkkokaupan "mittojen mukaan"-osastoon, kunhan jossain vaiheessa saan moisen askarreltua
aikaavievää hommaa toi koodaaminenkin

So. Now i should get dressed (again!) and finish my coffee and go to mother-in-law's house for dinner, but i really just want to stay in my jammies, and watch Once Upon a Time and knit :D

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