Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday's outfit, Tuesdays woes

On Sunday, we went to Mother-in-law's for dinner. After being super-purdy all Saturday, i didn't feel like going all out, clothes-wise. I chose my favourite skirt, an H&M blouse, and a David&Goliat-tee i got from England-land ages ago. Not my usual outfit, a bit too casual for my frilly taste, but it was ok. 

sunnuntaina piti käydä anoppilassa syömässä
lauantaisen kauneusmaratonin jälkeen teki mieli laittaa mukavat vaatteet
päälle eksyi miun suosikkihame, H&Mn paitis sekä david&gotliathin teeppari'
vähän oli liiankin casual
I got sick of my old favourite bag, so i made a new one a while back. It's clutch-like, but there's a strap for carrying. A bit small, but fits wallet, keys, lipstick and cell, so it's good for going to the grocery store. But on longer shopping trips... well, let's just say i'm in need of a bigger one :D 

askartelin entisen suosikkilaukun tilalle uuden
miksikö? nokun soli ruma
uusi on vähän pieni, pitää hankkia isompi sille kaveriksi
 Since i had a bit of a hangover, i was pale as a ghost. 
Last time Mom saw me with a hangover, she first said "you look really pale", and i was like "thanks mom, that's the nicest thing you said to me in a long time", but she continued with "when was the last time you checked your hemoglobin" before i could utter a word. I was mighty ticked off, so i decided never to leave the house again without makeup. 

A touch of white shadow above the iris makes tired eyes look brighter. Black mascara is a given, and red lipstick makes you want to smile. 

valkoinen luomiväri piristää kummasti krapulaisia silmiä, ja punainen huulipuna houkuttelee hymyilemään
pieniä juttuja piristämään päivää :) 
So. Today i started editing the material gathered on Saturday, and i was not pleased. The totally hyper-cool Thing i had planned in my head totally fell on it's rear-end. I hate it when that happens... 
Anyways, must give it another go someday, right now i'm just going to watch Once Upon a Time, knit my shawl (which will probably fail just as miserably as the Thing) and mope. Dramatically! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

So on Wednesday i made the sort of mistake i sometimes make. A silly little one, nothing to worry about, just something that throws me off my game for a while. Sometimes good things come out of these mishaps, i'm hoping that's the case with this one, too. 

On Wednesday, husband went to bed early. We usually go to bed at the same time, and take his laptop with so we can watch an episode or two of whatever series we're currently watching. When i'm left behind, i usually read, or pick out a chick-flick, like NBK or Fight Club :D

On Wednesday, i decided to give Once Upon a Time a go. 

So, since Wednesday i've been watching Once Upon a Time, and if i haven't been watching Once Upon a Time, i've been thinking about watching Once Upon a Time. I've gotten absolutely, positively nothing done all week :D 
Except a pair of socks and mitts, since i can't watch TV without knitting. 

havaitsin keskiviikkona, että on toi once upon a time ihan sillee  ok
on pitänyt vahdata siinä määrin aktiivisesti, etten oo saanut aikaan juuri muuta kuin parin sukkia ja lapasia

Lucky they've only made one and a half seasons so far... otherwise i'd be in deep trouble. 

Anyways. Halloween is coming, and, watching Once Upon a Time, i figured i'd give a new idea a go. I don't want to tell yet what it is, but it included me outside looking like this. 

lauantaina piti tehdä juttu, jonka toivon valmistuvan Halloweeniksi
piti loikkia ulkona-pihalla kumman näköisenä
kaikkea sitä

Funfilled day ;D
I also got to roll around in the snow a bit. 
Yes, winter has come. Snow everywhere. I'm hoping it'll stay on the ground... it's so pretty when everything is white and sparkly <3 

So, after the fun with snow and make-up was over, we went over to our neighbours' to eat and have a few drinks. 
I wore a dress i recently made, but haven't had the chance to show. 

lauantaina käytiin myös naapurissa syömässä ja juomassa
päälle pääsi vastikään valmistunut mekko, joka ei yllättäin ole musta
oli outo olo

It's not black. Which made me feel... strange. I haven't worn anything that bright since i was on second grade :D
The dress is viscose jersey, it's got puff-sleeves and a gap in the neck. My design, it's going to be a part of my "made-to-measure"- section once i get that sorted on my website. 
One more thing to distract me from Dragons... 
Anyways. Dress. Orange dress. 

The high collar has button closure in the back, and underneath, a gap. Since the dress is quite simple, and covers you from neck to toe to wrist, i wanted to add a playful way to show some skin. 

mekon niskassa on aukko ja napitus
mekko kokonaisuudessaan pääsee verkkokaupan "mittojen mukaan"-osastoon, kunhan jossain vaiheessa saan moisen askarreltua
aikaavievää hommaa toi koodaaminenkin

So. Now i should get dressed (again!) and finish my coffee and go to mother-in-law's house for dinner, but i really just want to stay in my jammies, and watch Once Upon a Time and knit :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roll out those lazy, crazy hazy days of...

I had a bit of a "bad day" Y-day. 

I got an order a while back, on an outfit consisting of a puff-sleeved blouse, waist corselet, and a skirt. Black skirt. So i ordered fabrics in, and got quite antsy when the shipment was slow. 
Finally, the fabrics came, leaving me eight days for sewing. 
Not bad. 
So i washed the fabrics, made the corselet, and took Sunday off. 
On Monday, i woke up at 1pm, did a bit of writing, took out the fabrics, and got the nastiest surprise in a long time. 

tasan ei käyneet onnenlahjat maanantaina
tilasin asiakasta varten mustaa puuvillaa
puuvilla oli luonnonvalossa tummansinistä, enkä huomannut sitä ennenkuin viisi päivää ennen deadlinea

It was blue. Dark blue. 
I was not happy. 

meni naama ruttuun

So, whatchu gonna do. 
Sent out an email to the company who sent me blue fabric instead of black, and they replied, saying they'd replace it with a correct one. 
Nice, but i needed it NAO. 
So i told husband we have to go, GO NAO, SHOP! (my vocabulary drops dramatically when i panic :D ) 

We hopped on the trusty steed, and raced to the nearest fabric store. Which is 50 km away. 
At this point, it was 3:15pm, and i didn't know how long the store stayed open. 

ei ollut paljoa vaihtoehtoja
vaatteet päälle ja lähimpään kangaskauppaan
ei, sonkin nissani
 I got what i needed, and thought, since i figured my client would need compensation (for what? situation handled, and she need not know a thing, only i didn't realize it in the fit of crazy panic-shopping), i'd also pick up material for a lining, plus a bit of red tulle. 

kangaskaupasta löytyi tarvittava
lisäksi mukaan lähti kangas alushameeseen, ja pala punaista tylliä
 On the way, we stopped at a flea-market. 
I found a pretty ring. 
For fifty cents. 

matkan varrella oli kirppa
kirpalla oli kiva sormus
nyt on HWlla kiva sormus :)

There was another flea-market there, too. 
Of course we had to go there. 
And of course they had the exact fabric i needed, and had already bought. 
Couldn't leave it there, though. 
There's always use for black cotton! :D

oli toinenkin kirppa, SPRn kirppa
kirpalla oli juurikin sitä kangasta jota lähdin hakemaan :D

So at first i was, like, huh? 
olin että häh
 And then i was, like, yay! 
sitten alkoi naurattaa

Made the blouse after dinner. 
Turned out nice, and it was nice to make, too. 

ruuan jälkeen oli vielä aikaa ommella asiakkaan paita

On the way to the shops, husband said it was good that the roads weren't yet icy, since he hadn't had time to put winter tyres on. 
This morning, when i woke up (at 10), i saw winter had come. 

sanoi mies matkalla, että hyvä kun ei ollut tiet jäässä, on meinaan kesäkiekot vielä alla
aamulla kun heräsin, oli talvi tullut
Today is Wednesday, and i finished the outfit Y-day. 
Client just popped by to pick it up. She tried it on, and it was perfect <3
I love it when i get to see i made someone happy <3 <3 <3

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Panic Disorder

Don't think i've mentioned this before. 
It's not something i don't like sharing, it's just a petty thing that seems to fade from the way of more important issues. 
Such as shopping. 
Haven't been shopping lately, other than fabric, so i though i'd share my story. 
Maybe it'll help someone who's tackling the same problem. 

Panic disorder. 

I was diagnosed at age 23. I went to the ER with what i thought was heart-failure due to anemia. After a series of blood tests and EKGs they sent me home saying there was nothing wrong with me other than my potassium level being a bit low. Have a banana, they said, and be merry. 

So i went home, feeling nauseous, lightheaded, faint and, in general, horrible. I had palpations, shortness of breath, plus my left arm was going numb. It was really not that nice, but it seemed to come and go, fade at times, and then become stronger. 
So i slept, and then i got to thinking. 
It was my "boyfriend" (very difficult relationship, even worse break-up, glad it's over) who first suggested the idea of something being wrong with my head. 

I googled, and it didn't take me long to find the good old "do you have a panic disorder"-test. I took it, and scored really high. Which gave me the courage to call the doctor, and make an appointment. 
The doctor made me take the same test, and said yes, it does seem like you've got it. 
It was huge relief. 

Sadly, the doctor wanted to treat me with antidepressants. Most times, they give good results in treating panic disorder. In my case, though, the pills took away my will to create, and since being able to Make Stuff is pretty much the reason i live, it was a bit of a bad choice. 

Anyways. Besides the meds, i got sent to a shrink. It was for a short term conversational therapy, and i was really apprehensive about it. I studied psychology in school (lukio? high-school? never got to figuring out the correct translation) and i didn't like it how psychology categorizes people. We are too different to be bunched up the way the science of the mind likes to do. 

I went, still, and it turned out to help me a whole lot. 
The shrink was a woman who'd dealt with a lot of patients just like me, and she knew what to say and what to do and what to look at. She taught me basic survival techniques, and made me realize this isn't going to kill me. After seeing her twice, she told me i was fine, and call her if i need help. 

I never called her. Seeing her the two times made me that much stronger. 
I tossed the antidepressants after a year. My doctor was a bit ticked at me... 

After that, i've coped with panic disorder without medication. It's better for me, but i don't recommend it without hesitation. Mine's a mild case, i've never been a free-floater, attack-wise. I start getting panic attacks when i'm really stressed out, or feeling poorly. There's always a reason for my attacks, but in most cases, they come and go as they please, regardless of situation. That's why i don't want anyone following my choice of zero-meds. 

So. Tricks and advice which has helped me. Most of this comes from the nice head-doctor i saw. 

1. Panic attacks cannot kill you. You're not going to die. You might hyperventilate and faint, but die, no. Realize it, and living with this thing gets a lot easier. 

2. When you feel an attack coming, try to take yourself away from the situation. Find something nice to look at, something cool to think about. Get up, go to the kitchen, have a drink of water. If you're shopping, you can hide in a household supplies section of any store, those are often quiet, and clerks don't bother you there. The main thing is to kill it before it grows. Don't let the budding attack get into a big one. 

3. Eliminate stress. There's two kinds of stress, yes, and you need some to keep your life in balance, but the bad kind of stress will make you have more attacks. So get rid of it. Be selfish, think about what you want to do. 

4. Eating can get difficult with panic disorder. It did for me. I went for days without eating, and that only made everything worse. So if you're not feeling like eating, or are afraid of eating making you feel nauseous, you can trick yourself with yogurt and soups. And don't forget to drink. Three pints of water every day. Dehydration will make you feel sick, and that will feed the panic attacks. Trust me. This i know. 

5. Talk about it. Don't hide it, like i did for a long time. My parents still don't know about this, but everyone else does. You don't have to announce it to the world, just casually mention it sometime. That way you don't have to be afraid of having a panic attack in the presence of friends. If everyone knows about it, it's not a secret, and that takes one more worry from your mind. 

6. Accept it. If you have a panic disorder, or any disorder of the mind, it's there, and it's a part of you, and you can't run from it. You don't have to love it, but accepting it will help in the healing process. 

7. Exercise. You don't have to pump iron seven days a week, just don't bury yourself in the sofa. Take a walk sometimes, go dancing, try ice-skating or swimming. It'll make your body stronger, make you feel better, safer in your own skin. Remember that getting out of breath won't kill you, either. 

So there. Mine story. I hope it can help someone. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Saturday-night whachumacallit

Been a touch on the busy side again... my living room looks like a fabric-bomb went off :D 
Not complaining, though. Being busy means work, and work means i get to shop 'til i drop <3 

Which is basically pretty much what i've been doing... made an order to Uncle-Yves, despite the racket about animal testing. I like the brand, and the products, and i ain't going back to stinky shower gels and icky make-up just because a bunny may or may not suffer. 

Got lipstick. 
I ran out of plum, and despite my best efforts to find a matching one (went to one shop, and gave up), i couldn't come up with one. So i took what Yves Rocher had to offer. 
It's not the deep, moody plum i was hoping for, but a lighter shade with pink undertones. In the case, it looks dreadfully girly, but the tone changed a bit after applying. 

piti ostaa uutta huulipunaa
SetäYves to the rescue! 

 I don't wear much make-up... which pretty much destroys my hopes of doing a make-up post :D 
We went out on Saturday, to check out a friends' cover band, Nancy's Bootleg. It was OK, golden oldies pretty much. Great fun when a bit tipsy, but not the sort you listen to at home. 

So i got a chance to try the new lippy on. 
Look how beautifully i trail off the subject... 
No foundation. As usual. I can't find the right shade, plus i have a tendency of rubbing my forehead when i have to concentrate on what i'm saying. So me wearing foundation would result in a huge mess before i even got out the door :D 

Eye-shadow i like, though. 
On Saturday, i made a pink smoky-eye. I like the way shades of pink and purple work with blue eyes, making them look sick and alluring at the same time... 
I've never been the sort to go with heavy, gothic make-up, though i love the way it looks. I just can't pull it off myself. 
... and this look is much easier when living in a small town. No-one is intimidated by it. 

käytän harvoin raskasta meikkiä
huulipuna-ripsiväri-combo riittää useimpina päivinä

I was even brave enough to wear earrings. 
From afar, they look like goat's heads, but they're really fat li'l cupids :P 

läskit pienet enkelit <3

 After a long day of sewing (finished work @ 7pm!!) i didn't feel like making a spectacle of myself, especially since we were going to a small bar in a small town where everyone knows each other, except me. 
I picked out a simple long skirt, and paired it with a mesh top and a corselet. 
And a strapless bra, way to go me! 
No-one looked at me funny. Which was nice. 

skirt, corselet: Heather Wielding Originals
shoes: chopped from old boots, decorated with lace and old earrings :D
meshtop: UFF