Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today. Tomorrow. Past Tense.

10 Years Ago... 
Unhappy me. 
Broken, lost and lonely. 
Dreamless, hopeless, in ruins. 
Wrote the first draft of the Witch Hunt. 
Tried to survive the wreckage of a band and a relationship. 

5 Years Ago... 
Lived in Jyväskylä. 
First year as a Wife. 
Life was good. 
Slow, but good. 
Flat was too small, though :D

3 Years Ago... 
Empty, meaningless life @ Tampere. 
A ghost to everyone, invisible, faceless. 
Memories of that time are vague now, like traces of a dream you start forgetting the moment you wake up. 
A small flat, non-stop noise, kitchen the size of a stamp. 
Too many bars, too many cold-hearted people. 

1 Year Ago... 
Was spending my first autumn in the country, loving every breath. 
Well, almost... the unemployment office tried to force me into taking a useless, pointless waste-of-time-course, and i had to tell them to back off, i iz going into business for myself. 
Made a lot of plans. 
Started getting a degree, my first ever. 
Did a lot of shopping :D

This Year... 
Started my business
Did a lot of sewing. 
Realized i suck at marketing :D
Cut my hair short to get to my own color faster. 
Made many, many new friends <3

Yesterday I... 
Sewed violet fake-fur. 
Did the hoovering after :D
Had a sauna. 
Went out to have a smoke late at night, heard something moving in the bushes, and ran back inside :D 
Slept in clean sheets <3

Today I... 
Made myself a new kimono
Ate too much cheese. 
Had a sauna, again. 
Came up with the best jewelry-idea ever. 
Watched the rain fall outside, outlined by a lamp it's like a rain of diamonds <3

Tomorrow I will... 
Make myself banana bread for breakfast. 
Try out the best jewelry-idea ever ;D
Write? Probably. 
Start reading Sinuhe. Again. 
Hang out on the interweb and make myself a nice dinner. Quality time home alone, since hubby's at school :D

The Day After Tomorrow... 
Friday? I'll have to decide whether to go to sister's place or not. 
If we'll go, i'll play with the best kid ever. 
Watch Teletubbies with her. 
Have a sauna, maybe. 
Be in charge of being in everybody's way :D

One Year From Now... 
I'll still be doing what i love best: writing and sewing and eating too much cheese. Hopefully, successfully. 
I guess I'll still be living in the countryside. 
I'm not one for making long term plans. 
My plans have a tendency of turning out pear-shaped. 
Come what may, i'll take it, and make the best of it <3

Found this challenge on Insanity's blog
Take it. 
Don't hurt yourself <3

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