Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1 Theme: Someone Special

My husband came from the internet. 

We both hung out at a Finnish site for indie and UG-musicians. 
We listened to each other's projects, liked them, started talking, and became internet friends. 

After awhile, we got to talking about dating, and i said i'd go out with him. 
It took him a long time to reply, and when he did, he sounded really surprised, asking me if i was serious. 
I said hell yeah, i'd go out with you, and we made a date. 

Getting dressed was a right pain. 
He'd told me to wear flat shoes, so that he could see how tiny i was :D

Finding a parking place was even more difficult. 
I was fifteen minutes late, and i was sure he'd decided i wasn't coming, and left. 

Not seeing him there was a right scare. 

But he'd just gone up the stairs to check i hadn't slipped by him :) 

The first thing he said to me was "neiti Pahis, oletan". 
I couldn't come up with a clever response, 'cause he was so cute <3 

Later, he said he'd thought i was so totally out of his league. 
I told him i'd thought the exact same thing, only the opposite way :D

He'd brought me chocolate, too, 'cause he knew i was a chocoholic. 

We went to have dinner, and the conversation was a bit slow, but not uncomfortable. 
We're both a bit quiet. 

After, we went to a bar, which, surprisingly, was both our favorite. 
Surprisingly, since we lived far apart. 

A friend of his joined us, and told us he was going to go see Swallow the Sun @ Lutakko. 
We decided to go, too. 

The first date was magic, and we got engaged about a month later. 
He wanted to wait a whole year before getting wed, just to see if it would last. 
And it did. 
We got married on June 29, 2007. 

the ceremony took about a minute and a half
after, we had a few friends over
we hadn't told them what we were up to, and they got a big surprise when seeing a "just married"-sign on our door :D

He plays many instruments. 
Including the bass, though his main thing is the guitar. 
And he plays well, though he doesn't realize it himself. 

spice girls totally rock \../

He used to play in the BoneFleshDolls. 
They went different ways last fall, but i think they'll eventually get back together, in one way or the other. 
After all, it's not a band. 
It's a family. 

inside jokes are the best
there's a long story behind that bottle of Smirnoff XD

That's the bonefleshbox he's sitting on. 
I almost fit inside it. 

featuring kirkkovenes

He likes to fish, and roam the forests. 
Last summer, he caught a really big fish. 
Ate it, too. 
Cooked, though, not raw. 

this is husband in his element
if he had his way, he'd live with the nature, on it's terms
sadly, i need modern comforts
He's really good with the camera. 
And, again, he doesn't realize it himself. 
He's a bit on the modest side. 

sunrise where we live

sunset in the forest

He likes animals, and is very good with them. 
This pic was taken by his ex-girlfriend. 
A bird had flown into a window, and he went out to see if it was okay, and it sat on his hand for moment before flying off. 
I've seen him do this myself. 

He's kind and caring toward those who can't fend for themselves. 

he's doing his david attenborough-thing <3

So that's my husband, the most important person in my world. 
I sometimes feel i don't deserve him. 
After all, i am a right pain in the butt :D


  1. That's such a lovely story, and your dress looks beautiful.

    I'm also very envious of where you live. I visited Lake Saimaa this summer, and your photo reminds me of watching the sun set there.

  2. Thank you, i made the dress :)

    living in the countryside is sometimes a pain, with everything being so far away and all, but after spending three years in a big city it's total and complete bliss. except when you hear there's bears around...

  3. Aww! That's such a sweet story.

    He sounds like a very outdoorsy sort of person :) Who says that all us Goth and Alt. types are indoors folk?! :P You live in a very beautiful place; if I lived there, I wouldn't be able to keep indoors, either. Except maybe if I heard about the bears... Meep!

    Your wedding dress is so beautiful! And to have made it yourself! WOW!

    I met my other half on the internet too :)

    1. Thank you. Sewing is my favorite past-time (besides writing, or course), and, lately, a profession, too :)

      Internet truly is a great place to meet people. There's no pressure and no rush, you can just take your time getting to know someone, and who knows where that might lead :)

  4. Wonderful story! And I totally love your weddingdress I must say!

  5. What a nice story! I love hearing stories about how couples met.

    1. It's sometimes nice to remember, too, how you came to meet important people in your life :)

  6. Lovely get together story :) I think its a good thing to learn to know each other on the internet. He's a talented photografer, beautiful pictures of the nature.

    1. Nature's his favorite target. I thought about adding a picture he took of a family of bears (he bumped into them last summer, it was peaceful, no-one got hurt nor even frightened, and he got a few good pics), but i couldn't find any :/

  7. You guys are gorgeous! He is, indeed, an incredible photographer. You should get him to start up a portfolio blog!

    1. Cheers, Miss Kitty :)

      I don't think husband is into this whole blogging scene... he's far too modest :P

  8. Fantastic! I loved reading all about how you met your true love! His photos are really stunning!

    1. Cheers, and husband says thanks, too :)


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