Saturday, September 22, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately. 
I got new readers (welcome new readers), and that sent me wondering if i'm, like, any good at this. 
If only self-esteem came in boxes like wine, and you could just pick one up at the corner store, take it home, and have a glass of it while watching TV... 

Anyways, as thinking usually gets me in trouble, i decided to quit, and just continue like nothing happened. 
Business as usual, that is, lots of talk about me with no pics :D 

I've started to like violet all of a sudden. 
I've bought two tops in violet, made a shrug and a dress, and another dress, and then i realized i wanted my nails violet, too. 
So i took what was left of blue and red varnish, and poured the blue in with the red. 
I actually had a dream of doing it :D 
Didn't turn out violet. I got plum. 
Plum's OK, but it ain't violet. 

Kaiken pitää yhtäkkiä olla violettia
Sekoitin sinisen ja punaisen kynsilakan jämät saadakseni violettia, mutta lakka jäi luumunpunaiseksi
Voe voe, sano
Pitää ostaa violettia

The latter dress i made from an old shirt i found at a flea market. It was velvet, with a floral print, and i couldn't resist. 
When sewing for myself, i often upcycle. Pick up discarded clothes and turn them into something completely different. Not because it's a way of trying to help the environment, but because it's fun. An outlet to my artistic needs, so to speak. 
(story of the dress can be found here)

Speaking of art, i've managed to find time to write in between my strives of painting the world violet. Dragons soar the skies, and this morning, i think i saw an old friend on the pages of the book. 
Strange how that happens sometimes... you start a book, write the first 20K, and realize that even though you thought you were in a new place, the scenery's familiar. And then you bump into someone you thought you left behind when you closed the last book. 
It's funny, writing, like looking into a dream half-forgotten, reaching into a world you know is there, but you just can't find a way in. Falling through a rabbit-hole, that's what it's like, and underneath, a wonderland awaits, only you never stop falling. 

Been shopping. I do that sometimes XD 
Been looking for sensible walking shoes since my Horseflies fell apart four years ago. I wanted a bit of heel, a chunky sole, and platform. 
You'd think shoes like that are quick to find, but i'm picky. And busy. I don't want to waste time hunting something down, i want it to Come To Me. 
These babies Came To Me <3 
I was leafing through Goottikirppis @ faceboek, and bumped into the perfect shoes. I tried to resist, but when i noted they had a violet lining i had to shriek. 


Löysin neljän vuoden epäaktiivisen etsiskelyn päätteeksi järkevät kävelykengät gööttikirpulta
Kuinka huonolta gootilta näytänkään, kun paljastan, että on ekat Demoniat ikinä :D

Demonia Trump 101. I've never owned Demonias before, so i was a bit apprehensive about them, but when i opened the packet, i found happiness. 
Comfortable, and pretty, and the detailed finish proved why Demonias are so costly. 
Sizing was a bit off, though... my foot's 36,5, and the shoe, in size 37, is a perfect fit :D 

Ihanat kengät <3
Ja pulleat kintut, mutta aina ei voi voittaa :D
We're having a party tonight. 
Husband made an album and he's publishing it today. 
I sang on three of the songs, so i iz a wee bit frightened. 
Haven't put myself out there as a singer in a long long time... making stuff on my own's different, 'cause... well, i don't sing, i make sounds :D 
Anyways, must, like, clean up house and make treats and put pretty dress on. 
I'm thinking violet :D

EDIT: Didn't wear violet. Settled on my fav skirt and an H&M blouse. No pics, since nobody wanted to take photos :'( 
Here's hubby's album, though

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