Monday, August 13, 2012

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment: Purses and Bags!

I haven't participated in these things before, but today i wanted to. 
I like purses and bags <3 
Could have picked a better day to do this, though... fell asleep last night at about three, and woke up @ 7:30, so i'm a bit out of it. Everything i've tried to do today has gone completely and utterly pearshaped. 

Let's see if i can make a blog post without messing it up. 

My Mom was young in the 60's. 
She's given me an unbelievably wicked ring from that era, and this purse. 
It's real leather, and though it's a bit impractical, it's really pretty. 
The buckles are all silvery metal, which fits my clothing style quite well. 
The purse used to have a strap, but it was a bit too short so i... used it for another project. 

There's a lock on the purse. 
Only i've managed to lose the key. 
Good thing the purse was unlocked at the time. 

Inside, there's one big compartment divided in two with a pocket. The pocket has a zip which always breaks my nails. 

I haven't used this in months (it's a winter bag), and inside, i found a treasure: 
a used ticket for a nightclub + 5 cents. 

Next up, a true find. 
I worked for a salvation army flea market for a short while, and during that time, i found a cute purse for 2,50. 
It looks vintage, but it's got a row of pyramid studs on it. 
Don't know if they had studs in the time when vintage was born. 
It's a really nice purse, though. 

The leather was in very good condition, so i reckon the purse has hardly been used. 

I feel a bit vulnerable taking this one out: it only closes by a little piece of leather so it's very easy for any passer by to just reach in, and grab whatever is there. 
Luckily, i'm short, so if someone were to reach for something, i'd notice :D 

The next one i got when i was still in shcool. Ages ago, that is. 
It closes by the things you see on the sides (i can't recall the correct word for them) and they make a noise when they snap shut. 
Fun <3

This one has a bit of steampunk feel to it. 
It doesn't get to go out much, since i only have one pair of shoes it works with. 

Every girl needs a clutch in case of a cocktail party. 
Mine was a freebie from UncleYves. 
I've used it once, but held on to it 'cause you never know when you'll need one. 

This is my summer handbag. I take it out when i feel pretty. 
I feel pretty quite often. 
This one is from Mom, too. The story goes. 
My sister got married in Austria in the year... i forget. Anyways, i was her bride's maid. 
She told me not to wear black in any form. I said dammit, and picked silver. 
I had a satin gown of light silver-grey, silver slippers, and this purse. 
Only back then the purse wasn't decorated in this fashion :D 

The pinup-fairy came from a flea market. 
I think i sorta nicked it... which was a really wicked thing to do, but it was on a hat that was on it's way to charity, and someone had told me to just help myself to anything that's going to the goodwill-box, and so i took the pin. 
And felt guilty about it. 
And never told anyone. 
Except now. 

I wanted the purse to have a blingy feel to it, so i hung a keychain on it. 
Heart on one side... 

... attitude on the other. 
This keychain came with my Alpha Ranger boots :P 

Power of alpha. 
I think this is why we clash so much with Mom. 
We're both alpha females. 

Most of what i own has come from a flea market. 
So did a small velvet purse. 
It cost me 1€, but it was a bit too simple for me. 
So i decorated with star-shaped rivets. 

So i have all these cute purses, and know what i usually carry around? 

I made it myself. It's very practical, but not very flattering. It's quite big and bulky, and not feminine in any way. 
But it fits a lot of stuff inside, and i don't have to worry about it, since it closes with a zipper. 

Stamped my initials on it, just in case everyone around here don't know who i am. 
(that was a joke, really i'm just a bit self-centered) 

I like it Emily tells people to keep away. 
Only i wish she was a bit louder. 

So there. 
That was fun, hope i'll remember to partake in a homework assignment again in the future :)


  1. What a nice collection of bags! I loved the third one, it has a both modern and a vintage feel about it.

    1. Thank you :) I like that purse too, i really wish i could find shoes to match it... and a tiny wallet that would fit inside it :P

  2. What a beautiful collection! Gosh, that first bag is simply wonderful! I just found a really old and well-preserved bag in my Mom's closet -- leopard print velvet with the same shape. GORGEOUS. I love that Mom's still have their old stuff. :D I makes me feel less of a pack rat.

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Thank you, Professor :)

      I just remembered that Mom used to have a pair of platform pumps to match the purse she gave me. But since Mom has a bit of the "never cling on to memories"-syndrome going on, she tossed the shoes when i was 12.

      Didn't like them then, but now i would do unmentionable things to get them back :D


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