Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Finnish, in the beginning, wtf

I'm a bit tired. Woke up at 5:30, and then i couldn't get back to sleep. What a bummer, but i've gotten loads of work done and it's not even noon yet. 

... maybe i could get husband to go shopping with me, sorta as a reward for working hard. 

Anyways, y-day was really hot, so i didn't feel like doing anything. So i spent the day reading a book i'd written ages ago, in Finnish. It's the Witch Hunt, the one with the Rep. Went through it, making sure it was, like, OK, made a cover, kicked it out. So now i've officially done what i thought i'd never do. Published in Finnish, that is. 

You can get it @ smashwords, or from me, or from my webshop as soon as i can manage to put it there. All of them, my books, that is, you can get directly from me, of course, have i mentioned that? 

I had something else in mind, something to share, but i've forgotten. As mentioned, i'm a bit tired. 

So. Last week (was it last week?) we took a friend to the big city (seinäjoki, that is), and i got to wear clothes. Sorta. Anyways, wore a dress. A simple dress with snap fasteners down the front. It's nice and comfy, but it has quite a high slit in the front. So had to be careful. 

Oh, and i cut my hair, too. It's short in the back now. I like it. It hasn't been short in, like, ages. I'm desperately trying to grow out the color, so my hair keeps getting shorter and shorter... 

Dress: second hand, Socks: DIY, Shoes: DIY, Hair: DIY
Wore socks, too. It used to be a hose, but i snipped and sewed, and got lacey stay ups. In your face, world. 

So that's, like, about it. Now i should get to sewing, but i'm starting to feel i need to go back to sleep :/

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