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Eläinpuisto-zoo 2012

The weather was nice a few weeks ago, before it started raining again, so we took the opportunity to go to the zoo. Ähtäri-zoo, that is. I really like that place, i'd go once a week if i had the time.

It was sunny, but a bit chilly. I chose to wear a pullover. Of sorts. I can't grasp the correct word. Anyways, it's a knitted top with a turtleneck, and the sleeves have a slit and lacing up to elbows. It's one of my favourites, and in the winter, i wear it at least once a week. I paired it with a long skirt and a simple blazer. Since my hands develop a rash when exposed to cold air, i wear gloves until summer really starts. These ones are from UFF. They're made of thin fabric, so they're really good in the spring.
I wanted to wear heels, but remembered in time that going to the zoo means walking 4 kilometres on uneven ground. So i wore my grotesk walking shoes instead of stilettos.
As you can see, it was really bright.

top: second hand (KappAhl), skirt: handmade, blazer: second hand (H&M), shoes: UFF

The landscape behind me is a perfect example of Finnish countryside: trees and bushes and lakes and more trees, and occasionally, a rock. A few years ago, it all seemed quite distressing, and i couldn't see myself living in the countryside. Now, after an entire year, i wouldn't return to the city. It's funny how opinions change in such a short time :)

There were animals, too. Some were big, some were small, some were courting and some had babies. And since the day wasn't too warm, my favourite animal was almost awake.

Snow Leopard @ Ähtärin Eläinpuisto
photo by Jussi Syrjälä

Kitteh <3
I've never seen the snow leopard actually move. Every time i've gone to see them, they've been asleep, or saving energy, or just lying about. This time, the cat yawned. And got ticked off by something, and walked around for a bit. As funny as it sounds, i'm a bit jealous of their tails...

To my disappointment, the lynx were all asleep. Nothing interesting happening over there, though i did stand a long while outside the cage, thinking how nice it would be to scratch a lynx.
I really like cats. Lately, our neighbours' cats have started to come over and say hi. That's really really nice, since i can't have one of my own. Damn allergies...

 The wolverines had babies. Husband didn't manage to get a clear shot of the offspring, but he did get one with an adult posing it's tail off.

Wolverine @ Ähtärin Eläinpuisto 
photo by Jussi Syrjälä 

The wolverine is one of the large beasts living in Finland. An interesting animal, and quite well misunderstood. They're playful, and obviously kind parents. And then again, most animals are, we just don't often get to witness it.

In the owl house, courting was in progress.

Ural Owl @ Ähtärin Eläinpuisto
photo by Jussi Syrjälä

He was bringing her offerings of dead mice, she wasn't interested. Poor guy, such effort for a cold hearted woman. I think ural owls live quite close to us. I've heard them singing late at night, filling the darkness with eerie song.
Could be some other owl as well, i'm not that good with telling birds apart.

The main attraction of the zoo is the bears. This year, they had babies. Two little ones.

Bear Cubs @ Ähtärin Eläinpuisto 
photo by Jussi Syrjälä 

I'm not that into bears. They're a bit scarey, especially since they run around outside. It's still a bit unusual to run into a bear in the wild, but not entirely uncommon. Husband saw one last summer, a mother with three babies. He said it was a wonderful experience. I probably would have ran off screaming had i been there... Anyways, the cubs were kinda cute. But i did like kittehs better.


Käytiin Ähtärin eläinpuistossa tuona päivänä muutamana ennenkuin alkoi sataa vettä. Oli niin soma levähdyspaikka siinä puolivälin tuntumassa, että piti vallan pysähtyä poseeraamaan. Asuksi valikoitui kylmän päivän ansiosta ohut neule, itseommeltu hame sekä H&Mn vakosamettijakku. Olisi tehnyt mieli pistää korkkarit, mutta järki tuli sit väliin ja muistutti pitkästä kävelystä sekä kivikkoisesta maasta. Jalassa siis groteskit kävelykengät, arvatenkin lapsimallia. Kuinka noloa, vaan joskus on paree valita mukavuus ennen muotia.

Ähtärissä oli taas kivaa. Koska oli vähän viileämpi, oli miun suosikkielukka, lumileopardi, kerrankin virkeä ja miltei aktiivinen. Ensin haukoteltiin ja heilauteltiin kadehdittavan komeaa häntää, ja sitten jaloiteltiin ärtyneen oloisesti. Ihana katti, teki mieli rapsuttaa. Samoin ilvesaitauksen kohdalla piti melkein etsiä eläinhoitajaa jotta saisi kinua luvan silittää.
... mitä ei siis oikeasti saa tehdä, mutta ainahan sitä saa unelmoida.

Ahmoilla oli pentuja, samoin karhuilla. Minen oo karhuista koskaan oikein sillai tykännyt, non vähän pelottavia, varsinnii kun tietää että täälläpäin moisia hirmuisia petoja kirmailee pitkin pusikoita vallan hirmuisesti. Ukko näkikin karhun viime kesänä, emon kolmen pienen kanssa. Sanoi että oli mahtava kokemus, mutta miua kyllä olisi pelottanut.

Viirupöllöjäkin täälläpäin taitaa olla, tai ainakin jotain pöllöjä. Ne laulelevat iltaisin kun käy ::smoke. Ähtärin pöllöillä oli kosiskeluhommat kesken. Säälitti urospöllöä kun se raahasi emännälle hiiren toisensa jälkeen, eikä yhtään lämpöä herunut.

So. That's all for today. I'll see you again someday soon <3

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  1. We went back to the zoo last Wednesday, with my sister and her husband and their 4-yr-old, and we saw something i just have to share.

    The snowleopards had babies! Two tiny little kittehs <3

    I read in the news they'd been born in May, and were expected out in August. It's now July, and the kittehs were out of their nest, basking in the sun with their Mom. I also read that Shakira (the mother) had decided she wanted to care for the cubs herself, so the staff didn't get to really see them until she led them out of the nest.

    I didn't get a close look, i only saw two little bundles of spotted fur at Shakira's feet, but still it made me feel really happy. The snow leopard is one of my favourite cats, and it brings me joy to see new kittehs born.


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