Monday, April 30, 2012

Starlight, Star Bright...

Sometimes, creativity takes the best of me. I write and sew and write some more, and then, three days later, i sort of wake up, look around and go yikes. That happens a lot, actually, and a couple of days ago, i woke up, went yikes, and took a picture of the mess i make when i'm lost in the wonderland of creation.

Fabric everywhere. Bits of yarn and patterns and measuring tapes lying around. I'm surprised husband puts up with my house keeping :D
Anyway, after taking the photo, i cleaned up. And what do you know, my vacuum cleaner decided to quit. In the middle of hoovering, ka-blam, dead. I kicked it, and husband kicked it, but nothing.
So, the next day, i went out, and did what Dad taught me to do. Walked into the nearest shop, and told a clerk i needed a new hoover. Walked out with this.

Samsung's canister vacuum cleaner with a hepa12-filter. Boy, will Dad be proud of his Little Princess when i tell him what i went and got :D

Did i mention starlight in the heading? I did.
We went out shopping a week or so ago, and i found the cutest velvet purse. A small one, fit for carrying cash and mobile and lipstick around in when hitting a bar (we have one around here worth going to).

It's quite simple, a bit too simple if you ask me. So, after seeing what Mothmouth had done to her jacket, i dove into my cupboard, and came up with a handful of starshaped rivets.
I didn't put many on, just a few to give it some oomph.

Can't wait to take it out :)

Speaking of going out, we visited friends the other day. I wore clothes. It was a very bad clothes-day... i had to clean out my closet before i found anything to wear...

top: UFF
shrug, skirt, corset: hand-made by me

I never wear foundation or powder anymore, and on that day i seem to have been a bit, well, blotchy. My world, it is ruined!

So. I'll try to return at some point to report about something important. Like, writing. Or stuff. Everybody have a happy labor day, i know i will.
... have to go to the job office :D

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