Sunday, April 8, 2012


The favourite subject, chatwise, among women, has always been other women.
"That one's put on weight."
"That one's lost weight."
"I hear she's got a new boyfriend."
"I hear she takes money for sex."

Gossip is our favourite pastime, and most of it is friendly batter meant only to think out loud, to wonder about someone's new hair, or new dress, or new boyfriend. Sometimes it get mean, though, and on those occations, it's got plenty to do with either jealousy or dislike.
In real life, jealousy is usually dealt with by talking about people when their back is turned. It happens, though we'd like to think it doesn't. People talk, especially girls, and sometimes we get in trouble because of it.
Been there, done that. Cost me a friendship that had turned cold and sour years ago.

I don't see gossip as a bad thing. It can do so much good, too. You talk about your friends with other friends, and that helps you understand where the friend in question is coming from. If you're left to go over every little detail in life and love and everything else all by your lonesome, you get your head all messed up. Venting is good for you. But you should remember to keep it nice. Ish, at least.

Gossip is OK, acceptable, a part of life, but it has taken on a new twist.
Anonymous comments.

Internet provides us easy access to other people's lives. We surf the web, reading lifestyle blogs, celebrity rumour, scandalous stories about dead movie stars, and we get to talking. But talkind doesn't take place over a cup of joe of a pint of lager anymore. It happens, more and more, in blogs and on forums.
In places where it's all too easy to hide behind an IP-address.

Celebrities are easy targets. They live their lives in public. Musicians are easy targets. They give their art to be ripped apart by the hungry mob.
And then there's bloggers. They're easy targets, too. But we keep forgetting, that there a crucial difference in between celebs, musicians, and bloggers.
A celebrity's person is public. A blogger is just a girl/boy who thought to share his/her life with friends online.

Internet reaches 70% of under 30-year-olds living in Europe and Americaland. 70% of them hang out online everyday, checking out facebook, catching up on gossip, and some of them have decided it's cool to vent their frustration with life on others.
Bloggers, that is.
I haven't gotten my first anonymous comment yet. In fact, my blog is painfully quiet. But the comments on other bloggers' blogs make my skin crawl.
The amount of hatred poured out on the internet is shocking. It goes on world-wide, and since the world-wide-web is blissfully free of supervision, there's not much anyone can do about it. Forums can be, to a certain point, controlled, but bloggers remain easy targets to those hurt by the disappointments life has to offer us all.
It is probably best this way. Too much control limits freedom. But still, one has to wonder what goes on in the minds of those who plague bloggers with anonymous comments. How much pain have they been subjected to? Are they truly as twisted beings as they make themselves out to be?
Are there truly monsters out there?

My sweet twin has had her share of anonymity. As a struggling musician she's met the vast public of anti-fans. Lacking self-discipline and grace, both qualities that seem to belong to every blogger out there who's gotten targeted by anonymous commentators, she wrote a song about the charming notes she got.
Her Wickedness - Anonymity

The wonders of modern life have provided us with much and more free time. It saddens me to see how much of it is wasted in dwelling in self-pity and bitterness. Life is much nicer when you learn to channel your pain into something productive, and enjoy the moments in existence, when everything's perfect.

Peace and love, have lots of chocolate, it makes you smile <3

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