Monday, March 26, 2012

Hair, again

I've been red for six years now. Lately, I've found it challenging, somehow.
I like to wear red, and matching red with red is... well, hard. It's funny, all other redheads make it look so easy. They wear every shade on the palette, and look amazing, and I felt that I clash with everything but black.
A week ago, I decided to get rid of it.

Dying hair isn't that difficult. You go out, pick a shade, apply, rinse, and feel fab. But since I'm a bit of a drama-queen, I made it difficult.

I've been hennaing for six years, so I had to google first. And of course googling made me have hair nightmares. But since the red was really weighing on me, I decided to risk it.
So I did what everybody else does. Went out, picked a shade, and applied.

I went for Live Color XXL, BitterSweet Chocolate. I wanted dark brown, not pitch-black. Brown's easier, less "in your face", and since it's softer than black, it looks better on most people.
I had black hair as a teen, so I knew I can't pull it off. It's too harsh, too rigid.
Too black, if you catch my drift.
I've tried dark brown, too, twice, and I've felt really comfortable in it. So that's what I went for.
It did turn out a bit too dark, though, as I sorta guessed, but still, I love it.

It's a lot easier to get dressed now, not having to avoid the reds and the purples...

On Saturday, we had a few friends over since I got my degree. My mother-in-law and her significant other stopped by, too, and they brought me a Pretty.

I like pretty things. They make everyday feel just a little bit special. Hence, I wear pretty clothes.

dress, corset, petticoat: hand-made 
mesh top: UFF

Have we seen the too short dress before? Yes, we have. It's one of my favourites. On Saturday, I paired it with a fluffy petticoat and trusty satin corset. Turned out a bit... well, it's funny what hair colour will do. Before, the outfit would have looked just cute, now it's goth-cute. But what they hey, that's what I am.

So. That's about all I've been up to. My sewing machine came back from the shop, so I guess I'll spend this week with unfinished projects.

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