Monday, March 26, 2012

Hair, again

I've been red for six years now. Lately, I've found it challenging, somehow.
I like to wear red, and matching red with red is... well, hard. It's funny, all other redheads make it look so easy. They wear every shade on the palette, and look amazing, and I felt that I clash with everything but black.
A week ago, I decided to get rid of it.

Dying hair isn't that difficult. You go out, pick a shade, apply, rinse, and feel fab. But since I'm a bit of a drama-queen, I made it difficult.

I've been hennaing for six years, so I had to google first. And of course googling made me have hair nightmares. But since the red was really weighing on me, I decided to risk it.
So I did what everybody else does. Went out, picked a shade, and applied.

I went for Live Color XXL, BitterSweet Chocolate. I wanted dark brown, not pitch-black. Brown's easier, less "in your face", and since it's softer than black, it looks better on most people.
I had black hair as a teen, so I knew I can't pull it off. It's too harsh, too rigid.
Too black, if you catch my drift.
I've tried dark brown, too, twice, and I've felt really comfortable in it. So that's what I went for.
It did turn out a bit too dark, though, as I sorta guessed, but still, I love it.

It's a lot easier to get dressed now, not having to avoid the reds and the purples...

On Saturday, we had a few friends over since I got my degree. My mother-in-law and her significant other stopped by, too, and they brought me a Pretty.

I like pretty things. They make everyday feel just a little bit special. Hence, I wear pretty clothes.

dress, corset, petticoat: hand-made 
mesh top: UFF

Have we seen the too short dress before? Yes, we have. It's one of my favourites. On Saturday, I paired it with a fluffy petticoat and trusty satin corset. Turned out a bit... well, it's funny what hair colour will do. Before, the outfit would have looked just cute, now it's goth-cute. But what they hey, that's what I am.

So. That's about all I've been up to. My sewing machine came back from the shop, so I guess I'll spend this week with unfinished projects.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kill! Kill! Kill!

So. A few months ago we bought an XboX.
I've never been the sort to play. I like Heroes of Might and Magic, and sometimes spend three hours with it. I've never played first person shooters. Ever. I don't like killing. It pains me. I refused to eat meat for 7 years because it hurt too much to eat something that had once been cute and fluffy and said moo.
And then the XboX came.
It was, since it came from a friend, filled with games. I figured I'd never touch the thing. But then we were bored one night, and he said let's play something, and I said whatever, and he dug out Halo, and told me to point and shoot.

And oh boy, did I love that.

I have an addictive personality, so after the first night I was literally clued to the control for a week. If I wasn't playing I was thinking about playing and the sound of an assault rifle followed me into my dreams.

Oh, the bliss of blasting out all bottled up aggression by shooting things that move and fight back without ever having lived.

We went through Halo together three times. After that, Husband refused to play. So he dug up Halo2 from a flea market.

Despite Halo2 having much more cool guns, I like the first one better. More flood. And more shotguns. On the plus-column though, there ain't nothing better than double-wielding an assault rifle. Ah <3

It's funny, less than two years ago I never would have imagined myself with 1st person shooters. Also, I never would have imagined I'd find them therapeutic.

Husband also found Half-Life2, second hand. I tried the first one on his laptop, and found it difficult, so when he handed me the second part, I was thrilled.
More killing!
It's not as therapautic as Halo, though. You have to think, and thinking can be frustrating. Right now I'm stuck. Can't find a way through a closed-up channel. Tried grenades, tried climbing, tried everything, and still stuck.
Must play Halo some more.

Most of our games are stored in the hard drive of the box, but two we have on CDs. Or are they DVDs. Don't know.

New love leads to old love. War is the path to - shopping?
Well, in my world it is.
Husband's away on a course, by the way, so I'm home alone most of the week. On the first week, I consoled myself with online shopping. H&M is the target of all true goths.
I shop most my lingerie @ H&M. Right price, right size, and the correct amount of cuteness. I try to hit the sales, but this I could not resist even though I had to pay full price.

Green snake skin!
I drewled at this for two days before buying it. I was afraid I'd have to return it for some strange reason, but no. Perfect fit, perfect happiness.
Of course, I would be happier if someone else paid the bill, but you can't win every time.

So. Now I've done my writing for today (1200 words on new book), I've done my blogging, and now I should do my sewing. But elna is still at the shop.
... what to do, what to do...

PS. I cheated with half-life2. Got stuck on water hazard, and had to google my way out. Now I know what to do. So let's play <3

Friday, March 2, 2012


Not the musical. Hair. Mine. Hair.
I do my own hair. Not because I'm a bit thick, but because hairdressers never seem to get it right. I go to have it done, and I come home, and do it again. So I figured it would, possibly, be a bit smarter to just do it myself to begin with.

A week or so ago the sun came out for the first time in a long while. It was warm, and it felt like spring, so I decided something had to go.
Hair was the thing to go.
This is what it looked like before.

Long enough to really get in the way, but not quite long enough to tie up in a neat bun.
After, it had a  fun new shape.

I like it. It's light and airy and fluffy and easy to wash. With my attention span, it's a bit impossible to manage hair that requires a fifteen minute rinse after each wash.

Took new hair to the job office on Monday. I think it was Monday. Could have been Tuesday, too. I forget.
Anyways, remembered to make husband snap a pic of my outfit. I chose to wear red that day.

Dress, petticoat, corset: handmade by me 
shrug: cut an old top in half, opened it on the front, and lined it

Yes, lipstick clashes with the dress. But I was running late, as usual, and the only other option would have been black.
For some reason, black lipstick and job office doesn't sound like a good thing to go with.

I've been shopping, too, though I can't remember when. It must have been a while back... anyway, found something I've been gagging for.

It's a fan!
I've been learning to use it, too. I think it may look a bit silly if you're elegantly opening a fan, and then manage to both drop it, and hit yourself in the face with it. Then again, I'll do just that no matter how hard I practice.
I've always been a bit clumsy. I'm the girl who's always tripping on her dress, falling down on the stairs, and dropping expensive things. A bit sad, but a perfect reason to cling on to husband's arm :D