Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They Are Seven

Kicked Darren out today.

In the beginning, I tried to write a thousand words per day. Then I had to go on the course, and fell behind. But it is now proven that I can force publishable text out of me.


I've been really busy. First with the course, and writing of port folio, and then with finishing the port folio, and now with making Extra Material for the test. Which will happen 9.3. @ 10am.
Today I noted I don't really feel like making anything. I have so much yarn and fabric I may actually drown in it soon, and still I don't feel like touching any of it.
I blame stress.

Luckily, stress will soon be over. And be replaced with running a business.

It's snowing outside again. It's been snowing for like three months now. I kinda want it to stop already.
I miss the sun.

So. Seventh child, pushed out into the cruel world. Buy it, read it, hate it if you don't love it.
Next time, I promise to write about pretty things. Or happy things. Or something nice. Today I just want a sauna and many ciders.

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