Tuesday, January 24, 2012

radiomusica exotica

Since I should be doing all sorts of things (knit, sew, write, clean up house, cook, dye hair, do nails, at least epilate your legs for Christ's sake, that jungle is starting to scare husband) I thought I'd spend a moment with music.

I'm picky with tunes. And loyal. I've been listening to the same bands for years and years. I hardly ever bother to find out something new and exiting. It's just the same CD's playing over and over and over again.

Let's start from the beginning. I'll be merciful to both you and me, and skip the embarrassement of teen chaos.

Korn. It was the year of My band. 1999? 2000? I forget. Anyway, I was still young and silly. Mom got me Life Is Peachy for my B-day, and it was love at first sight. I listened to the CD once, twice, and was forever one of the children of the korn.

Favourite song, Got the Life.

You'd expect me to have gone that way, follow the path of Deftones and Limp Bizkit, but no. I liked MM better.

So one day I was watching TV. A music-show was on, and they played something I'd NEVER heard or seen before. Of course, it was Marilyn Manson preaching about Beautiful People. Again, love at first sight. Mama and Papa stopped to try and understand me at that point :D

Favourite song, Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety Zagg. No official video, sadly.

After that, the probable step was Rob Zombie. Well, I went White Zombie way. Which is basically the same thing. Rob Zombie I found but three or so years ago. Loved it even more than White Zombie.

Favourite, of course, Living Dead Girl.

At some point I found Type O Negative. I was heartbroken when Peter died, and refused to have anything to do with the band for, like, at least a year. Now I listen to them again, but it's not the same thing. Hence, not a favourite anymore. The magic's gone.

Type O got replaced by SOAD. Mostly because they came to Finland, and I accidentally got to go see them. Which was totally awesome. I'm not much of a festival person, but SOAD @ Provinssi was so cool I still can't believe it <3
Can't name a fabourite song, though. It's all too good.

Continuing on the line of the bands I've seen live. Opeth. Swedish doom. Oh, the goodliness and tasteliness of sweet, sweet sounds. The new album I don't care for that much, though. It's good, better than good, it's just a bit difficult for my limited taste. I like things, music too, to be simple and not too challenging.

Therefore it's a bit amazing I like Tool. I can't believe it myself, either. It's one of those bands that take you into a music coma, that dark place where nothing lives, but everything grows, and the sights you see when you open your eyes are nothing like anything you've ever seen.

That's not all the bands I listen to. Just the ones I love best.
But I saved the best for last.
BoneFleshDolls. Hubby's band. They're playing, sadly, their last gig this weekend @ YO-talo. Tampere, that is. Finland. Be there or be nelijö.
I don't think I'll be going, though. I like being a square.
Anyway. Found the band before Hubby became Hubby. They play twisted metal-jazz-fusion-stuff. Which is, again, a bit challenging, but oh so rewarding.
Favourite, Eyes Scream, but since they've only made one video, you get that. Avenge My Death. Which is appropriate, given the situation.

So you there, I know you googled your way here you self-absorbed little bastard, get your ass back in line and make us more music.

Until next time. I'll go amuse myself with Halo2 <3

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