Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So this was Christmas

Back home again, safe and sound. Skipping school, again, since I needed time to finish writing my business plan and port folio. Both, I am pleased to say, are nearly done. They need finishing touches, of course, but all in all, the point is there.
So I'm, like, relieved, and stress-free. Which is actually a bit strange, I've been stressed out for so long I actually got used to it :D

Anyway, it was Christmas, and I went home to celebrate. Mom asked me to make something for Xmas-morning breakfast, so I baked a pie. Tomato-feta-pie.

Turned out quite nice. Unfortunately, now mom might ask me again to bake something.

We have Christmas routines. I'm not the only one in my family... anyways, first, there's cartoons on telly. Then the Snowman is on. Then there's the Official Declaration of Christmas Peace, and then there's sauna. After that, we wait for dinner, and after dinner we open presents. That was the way things went this Xmas, too.

I wore a pretty dress.

mesh top: UFF
skirt and corset: hand-made from recycled materials 

My niece told me I looked really fancy. And then she wanted to put make-up on, too. Gotta love the kid <3

At dinner I realized it might have been a bad idea to wear the corset. Had to loosen the laces three times.

I got presents, too. Something I really needed... 

... something I asked for...

... and yarn, of course.

All in all (did I already use that phrase before?), Christmas was nice. A bit stressful, with all the noise and the pressure of school weighing on me, but nice. Not the Best Xmas Ever, but definetely not the worst one.

Next, New Year. I don't feel much like going anywhere...  except the sauna <3

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