Friday, November 25, 2011

proving skillz

So. I got accepted to the course. Come Monday, routine will, once again, be completely and utterly shattered.
Luckily, it's only six weeks.
I can handle six weeks of waking up @ 6 am, writing a few sentences by hand while having coffee and getting dressed, then driving 45 minutes to school, learning for six hours and then driving 45 minutes to get back home.
I can do this.

I hope.

But that's not all, folks.

At the interview, a nice man decided I need a degree. So he took it to himself to get me one. Now.
Yesterday I met up with him and a nice lady from some school or whatever (I wasn't entirely awake when I went there so some things sorta slipped) and we Made Plans. Big Plans.

As a result, I must now make clothes, and a port folio-thingie, and then go before a panel and show my work, and if they see me worthy, I will get my degree.

Scary shit, once again. I'm really going to be a seamstress.

After the meeting I had to go shopping. Of course. I dug up red satin and a white lace curtain thinking I'd make two outfits for the test-thingie. And then I bought D-rings and pale green mohair and a black sewing thread and an orange fabric and a blouse. An H&M blouse, black and basic. It was size 36, and when I tried it on at home, I realized it's a tad big. Irritating.

So anyway, no pics, again, I'm lazy and busy. Must write and design.

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