Monday, September 5, 2011

home alone - with a little monster

I always thought my niece would be a pretty little princess. I figured I could make paperdolls with her, and play house, and have tea-parties with barbies. I imagined braiding her hair, and painting her nails, and making her little princess-dresses.

Boy was I mistaken.

Yesterday I spent four and a half hours alone with her. I am glad to report we are both still alive and well. Nobody got hurt, traumatized or sent to the ER. But my illusions of curls and glitter are forever shattered.

The child is now three. She likes running, screaming, throwing stuff and climbing on furniture. She looks like a princess, yes, but does she behave like one?


Hope that will change as she grows. I really, really want to make paperdolls.

So. Hubby's in Lapland, and I'm taking a relaxing holiday @ sister's house. With the monster. This morning the monster went to daycare, so I got to sleep 'til noon, and check that the internet is still in place. I even managed to make more plans for my future.

There's a course starting on how to run your own business, and I thought I'd apply. I don't really want to, but it's the only way to get start-up money which I think I'll be needing. The course only lasts for one month, so it's not a big, life-altering thing. Just a month. I can go a month standing on my... umm... left foot only.

Must get hubby's opinion about this before applying, though. It's really rude to do something like that without informing the spouse :P

So. The monster will be returning within the hour. Mut gather strength to indure her for the entire evening.

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